Young Swara Gurav impresses Wriddhiman Saha and Danielle Wyatt

There is no dearth of gods in India. There are thousands in the temple, but one was on the field too. He ruled cricket for decades and was worshipped by the fans. If a nation can worship a player like a god, one can wonder the passion and love that flows in the street. Every street has a Dhoni and every team has its own Virat and Bumrah.

There are billions of young and impish eyes who dream of growing up and lifting a world cup. They want to play for India. Out of those billions, only a very small portion makes it to the top. But that doesn’t mean that talent is not outside lush grasses of sporting complexes. Recently, as India was sitting behind the doors in accordance with the lockdown, several clips of young cricketers have made their way to viral clips and are catching the attention of all.


Swara Gurav
Swara Gurav. Pic Credits: Facebook


We at Female Cricket, dedicated to the goal of getting women’s cricket to India’s commoner, has shown many female wonders that have made people question their age-old prejudice. Recently, a clip uploaded by us on Twitter and Instagram featuring a girl from Kerala got the attention of Danielle Wyatt. Making it to the list is Swara from Pune. With her clip showing what pure class her batting is, she is now appreciated by Wriddhiman Saha.

Swara was all about textbook technique in the clip and its heartening to see India’s most technical keeper appreciate the girl child publicly. Swara, as evident in the clip, has all the shots in her bank. With a defensive front foot show, she goes onto an aggressive side with a fearsome pull of the shorter ball. There were also cheeky shots when she was offered some bouncers.

The game was balanced on the leg side and offside. She was playing glorious shots on Front foot too. The back foot wasn’t an area to worry as her leg went side of the line and bat came thundering. It is encouraging to see that such talents are being spotted by legends and people are changing their perspective of the game. As social media takes efforts from female cricket to masses, we might see people change their outlook towards cricket as a gender-neutral games from a male-only venture.

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