Watch Video: Run Out at Non-striker’s end in U19 World Cup sparks debate

In Pakistan vs Rwanda group stage match, an interesting mode of dismissal that often attracts ire from all quarters and is the talk of the town made an appearance. Pakistani bowler Zaib-un-Nosa ran out Rwanda batter Shakila Niyomuhoza at the non-striker’s end in an emphatic fashion and the video has gone viral now.

Watch Video: Run Out at Non-striker’s end in U19 World Cup sparks debate
Watch Video: Run Out at Non-striker’s end in U19 World Cup sparks debate

Running out a batter at the non-striker’s end was considered “not in the spirit of the game” but with this mode of dismissal getting discussed more with even the MCC calling it well within the rules, we see a lot of cricketers resorting to it. The fact that it has been accepted as a fair mode of dismissing a batter, we see more exhibitions of it. The latest to join the part is Pakistan’s Zaib-un-Nisa who used it in the group stage match versus Rwanda. It was in the final over of the innings when the bowler dismissed Niyomuhoza at the non-striker’s end and the video of her dismissing the batter in that fashion is blowing up on the internet.

The presence of mind of the bowler should be appreciated as she saw the batter step out of the crease early and took an opportunity to get rid of the batter. In her follow-through action, she broke the stumps, dislodging the bails and she dismissing Niyomuhoza. The batter tried to make her way back but was unsuccessful and was forced to walk off the pitch after a vociferous appeal by the bowler deservingly given out by the umpire.

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Pakistan was successful in restricting Rwanda to 106/8 in 20 overs and chased it down with ease but it is the nature of this dismissal that has caught the attention of everyone. Previously too, when Mannat Kashyap used this dismissal in the South Africa five-match T20I series there were divided opinions and even when Deepti Sharma used it to dismiss Charlie Dean in 2021, it had become quite a contentious matter of discussion. Even though it is a legal mode of dismissing a batter, there is a lot of stigmas attached to it.

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