Interview with Ar. Mukta – A Cricketer turned Author of Rising Spell in Women’s Cricket

Interview with Ar. Mukta - A Cricketer turned Author

1. What age did you start playing cricket? What was your first interaction with cricket like?
Cricket was always on my mind. I used to play cricket with my brothers on the streets. I started playing cricket when I was in 7th standard.

2. Walk us through your initial (childhood) cricket days? Any gully cricket moment that you remember?
I used to play cricket with boys in my early childhood days. That time we played with wooden small bat and rubber ball. I remember an incident, when I was fielding and my brother hit the ball so hard; I was about to catch the ball, but fell down and injured myself badly.

3. Did you play any other sport apart from Cricket in your growing up years?
I am a gold medalist in taekewando and red belt in judo karate. I am also state level champion in badminton, was best athlete in my school time.

4. How did you manage your education along with studies? How easy/difficult was the process?
There was a moment in my life when for the first time I was preparing for the nationals and on the other side, I was caught up with my mid term exams. I was totally confused, I was depressed because that was the first opportunity in cricket for me. But I am thankful to my school teachers who co-operated with me and allowed me to go for cricket. So, yes it is not always so easy to cope up so many things simultaneously. But I have always tried my best to balance out things.

5. Who were your cricketing role model / inspiration whilst growing up?
That time I knew only few players like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Saurav Ganguly. My role model was Sachin Tendulkar.

6. Why did you choose cricket back then despite knowing the challenges and the hardships one face throughout the career? What was your parent’s perception towards the game?
Cricket was like a worm, I was smitten by it. So, you always try to do things to make a come back in this game. I always tried to stay connected with this game and have given my best every time. My family always supported me and provided me all the required resources.

7. Which club and Coach did you start your journey with? Which all club have you represented so far?
After school, I played under PCA ( Punjab cricket association) and WCA (women’s cricket association). My coaches are Renu kaura mam and late. Mr. Deegia sir and Mr. Rupinder sir. Mr. Bali sir also helped us in our tough times.

8. Take us through your debut domestic match? Were you excited with the opportunity or nervous with the expectations?
I played my first debut match in 2001 while playing in school teams, held at sangrur (punjab).
I was good at bowling ( right arm medium pacer) and took 5 wickets in that match. After that I was selected for the nationals.
I was very excited and expected that this will be the turning point in my life.

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9. You have played for U-19 Jalandhar. How has the journey been? Highlight some of the high-low moments you’ve witnessed so far?
Yes the journey was not so easy. There are more experienced players and good players in the list. We had to work very hard to stay in first 11, but some times things will go your way and sometimes not.

Interview with Ar. Mukta - A Cricketer turned Author of Rising Spell in Women's Cricket

10. (Approx) how many domestic female players do we have in India right now? What all tournaments are available for them today?
There are many players who are still struggling to make their place in the National team and BCCI is planning many more tournaments for the betterment of players.

11. When and how did you leave cricket? How easy/difficult was the decision?
When I completed my 12th, I had to choose one: whether I pursue arts or continue playing cricket. After deep evaluation, I chose to pursue my profession and left game.  
I went ahead and started my professional degree in Architecture. But parallel to my studies, I continued my touch with cricket. I made my college cricket team and went on to play university matches.

12. Tell us about your coach and how has he/she shaped your cricket career? Who else do you credit for your cricket success?
My coaches Renu kaura mam, Rupinder sir and Deegia sir have always helped me and supported me in my career of cricket and my family is the strongest pillar I have with me.

13. When & how did you develop the love for writing?
When I was in 7th standard, I used to write poems, complimentary speeches and some lines for every function in school. That time I realized that I have a talent of writing and poetry in me.

14. Tell us about your first book?
My first book – ALFAAZ-E-ZINDAGI (based on different colors of life in a poetic form).

15. Tell us more about your upcoming book? What made you choose cricket as a topic this time? How do you think this book will impact our women’s cricket.
I have enjoyed cricket and cricket has given me so much to appreciate. It’s my time to give back to cricket in every possible way. That’s what makes me write this book – about players and their performances in World cups and many other matches. My upcoming book RISING SPELL IN WOMEN’S CRICKET is based on all our female cricket stars who have played for the nation and made everyone proud. Through the medium of this book, I want to motivate more and more players, boost their self-confidence and encourage them to play cricket.

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Interview with Ar. Mukta - A Cricketer turned Author of Rising Spell in Women's Cricket

16. Is writing your full time profession now. What else you do for living?
By profession, I have done my masters in architect and writing is my passion. I also help my family in the business.

17. Who else is assisting you with this book called “Rising Spell in Women’s Cricket?” 
My team includes Roopali Slathia (J&K coach) and Noopur Kashyap (Editor & also a former cricket player who represented Punjab in u-19 and senior levels).

18. What do you think of this association with Female Cricket?
I am so thankful to female cricket for giving me such a great opportunity to interact with people and media. I wish Female Cricket platform gets success in every thing they do.
I have few things to say for this lovely initiative called Female Cricket-

Ek naya mukaam de rahe ho sab khiladiyon ko,
Yeh Kaam bahut tareef ke kabil hai,
Jo rakh na paya apne wajood ko aage,
Un sab ko wo mukaam Female Cricket ke zariye hasil hai.

Interview with Ar. Mukta - A Cricketer turned Author of Rising Spell in Women's Cricket

Vishal Yadav, Founder & CEO at Female Cricket

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