I was always passionate for Cricket – says legendary Diana Edulji

Heroes have no fixed templates. You may rarely see them in the spot light but the impact of their achievements is bound to catch your eye. We are proud and inspired by women heroes. When we talk about women heroes, Indian women cricketers comes to our mind first. Indian women cricket team was formed in 1973 but we have produced one of the most finest Cricketers in the early years of team. Shantha Rangaswamy, Nilima Jogalekar let this team to glory and success. These were all big names of Indian women Cricket in early 80’s and late 70’s.

We were always inspired by their talent and determination to do better in this male-dominated game. One such hero and a living legend is Diana edulji. When she started off, there were hardly any girls playing cricket. She took the onus of propagating women’s cricket. We all know that she represented and led Indian women cricket team but very few people are acknowledged by the fact that she also played table tennis and basket ball at Junior national level. In the male dominated cricketing landscape of India, she was the lady who made great achievements given her grit and solid determination. She was made the captain of Indian cricket team after just three years after her debut.

Not only that, she was also the highest wicket taker at that time and her performance was recognized when she was given the greatest sports award, the Arjuna Award in early 80’s. She was one the greatest women cricketer of all time and it was recognized on National level too when Government of India awarded her the honour of Padma Shri in 2002. She was probably not the only cricketer who influenced Indian women Cricket through her extra ordinary performances but indeed, she was best amongst all.

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She played 20 test matches for her India and scored 404 runs and with her impressive bowling she took 64 wickets. In 34 one-day international matches, she scored 775 runs and took 46 wickets. Though, it was very difficult for women cricketers to come in spot light because in a male dominated society and male dominated sport, it was daunting task. But Diana Edulji broke stereotypes and earned lot of respect and fame for her amazing performances.

During a recent interview, when she was asked by a journalist that what was her message for young girls who wants to play cricket for motherland.
She replied, “come out and play for the love of the game and play to win. They have to take it upon themselves to get to that international level.”

Today Indian women Cricket team has a credible position in international cricket and her contribution in this milestone cannot be ignored. There are numerous cricketers who have served as a role model and Diana Edulji is arguably on top of them as she is the biggest inspiration to women Cricket.

Female Cricket would like to thank Diana Edulji for being our role model. 

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