Rwandan cricket player Cathia Uwamahoro sets a new world record

The first and only female cricketer to hold the Guinness World Record for the longest net session, she is none other than Cathia Uwamahoro. Cathia batted for 26 hours straight in the nets to set the record at Amahoro stadium in Rwanda. The Captain of the Rwanda Women’s National Cricket team, Cathia was eyeing to achieve this feat since a long time. 22 year old Cathia, with firm determination and courage is indeed a role model and has motivated women’s cricket around the World, specially in Rwanda, where Cricket is an emerging sport. Female Cricket got an opportunity to interact with Cathia. Here’s an excerpts from the interview. 

1. You must be very excited for 17th Feb; the day the cricket fraternity will witness a Guinness World Record from a women cricketer. Many congratulations on this endeavor. When and where did you get this idea from?
I got this idea on 13th may 2016 after the success of Eric’s GWR attempt. I imagined doing the same for women cricket during his celebration. After few months Alby and Eric came and told me that there is no female cricketer that holds record for longest cricket net. From then I decided to attempt and promote women cricket.

2. When did you start preparing for it? How has the practice been so far?
In October 2016. Practice was going well, with the help of Eric I have managed to bat 8 hours straight a day.

3. Take us back to your initial cricket days? When did you first taste the beauty of cricket? What inspired you to continue with the game?
See attached blog.

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4. While growing up, any role model in cricket that you looked up to?
Heather Knight (England women captain)

5. We have seen a similar feat achieved by Eric Dusingizimana, Rwandan national captain last year. How have things changed for Rwanda cricket since then?
Things has changed a lot, he has raised awareness of cricket in Rwanda, big number is joining the game, we do not have to deep introduce ourselves and our future home of cricket is under construction.

6. This would be one of its kind achievements. What is your daily routine like? Walk us through the fitness regime, diet plans, on-field net practices that you have been following?
I wake up early morning and jog and do some physical fitness. I normally bat 8 hours/day. My diet plan is normal : I take rice, beans, vegetables and fruits, etc

7. Batting for 26 hours straight is no cake-walk. The thought itself might leave people with shivers down their spine. How have you kept your calm? What’s your motivation source?
The cause have motivated and kept me calm: Raising awareness of women cricket and raising money for the pavilion of our first international cricket stadium.

8. How is the progress at Rwanda cricket stadium foundation? How do you think your 26 hours venture, a new Guinness world record influence this cause?
Works are progressing well, Ground is well leveled, gate/fence were done,12 tanks of 10,000 L were installed, irrigation pipes, sprinkles are in, the pitch construction is done, seeding is done and maintenance machines are on site. Phase one would end in March 2017 and start phase two: pavilion construction. My Guinness World record will raise awareness of women cricket and raise money for the pavilion of our first international cricket stadium.

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9. Who all are expected to visit and see you propagating a strong message for Rwandan cricket empowerment?
Heather Knight (England captain will come to bowl at me), Peter Trego English player, Rwandan ministries, different institutions leaders, Rwanda cricket fraternity, etc.

10. Your message to all the cricket playing nations and cricket players, fans who would be cheering you up throughout your cause.
“It’s time to show women power through sport” With your support the dream will become a reality. Any support will be helpful.

11. Your message to our platform, Female Cricket.
I really thank you for the support and time you put into female cricket but I would like to request for more tournament and support for female.

12. Where can we watch the footage of your 26 hours record breaking journey?
You can watch the Videos here: 

Vishal Yadav, Founder & CEO at Female Cricket

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