Poor Cousins of Million Dollar Babies is now a history

Just a week ago, the new poster of biopic of M.S.Dhoni was released and people went bonkers over it. Since, the biopic of M.S. Dhoni is causing such a stir in the nation, weChase Greatness - Female Cricket would like to take this moment and put some light on the “poor cousins of million dollar babies”, a documentary film based on the situation of female cricket. The documentary was released way back in 2010, when the Indian Women’s Cricket was suffering serious plight. The condition is way better now, touch wood!

The documentary featured the stars of female cricket like Anjum Chopra, Jhulan Goswami and Rumeli Dhar. It also had Priyanka Roy, the only female cricketer to take 5 wickets in a T-20 world cup and she did it way before Umar Gul , who was the first to receive this feat in male’s cricket and yet we are completely oblivious of her name.
Seriously how many women cricketer can you name? Two? Three? and if the same question was asked about the male cricket, people have known their strike rate and economy along with the name of the player.

And we curse Maria Sharapova for not knowing the name of Sachin Tendulkar. Such hypocrisy!
However, the state of female cricket is improving. The newly elected president of the BCCI is working as an angel in disguise for female cricket by giving them central contracts. All they have to do now is organize more and more tournaments and broadcast their match more often so they can get the fame they deserve just like their male counterparts.

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With Central Contracts coming in, the 

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