India Welcomes Australia’s Indigenous Women’s Cricket team

Who are Indigenous Australians?

Indigenous Australians are people of Australia, descended from groups that existed in Australia and surrounding islands prior to European Colonisation. The indigenousIndigenous Australian Women cricketers community of Australia are rich in diversities and have their unique culture, traditions and languages. Way back in 1880’s, there were some 250 Languages spoken in Australia. But currently only 120-125 of them are in use and others are endangered. Indigenous are also known as Aboriginal Australians mostly speak English now. The Australian Aboriginal Cricket team was a side composed of Australian Aborigines which toured England between May to October in the year 1868.  

Australian Indigenous Women’s Cricket Team

The Australian Indigenous Women’s Cricket Team has made it to the news and shall be touring India in May this year. This is a great move and shall help the Indigenous Community to establish a strong foothold in the Cricket arena, thereby giving them an opportunity to continue their ancestral tradition. The 14 member team will be lead by Sidney Sixer’s Player Ashleigh Gardner and Sally Moylan will play the Vice-Captain’s Role.

Cricket Australia’s CEO James Sutherland is glad to see both Female Cricket and Indigenous Cricket taking deep roots in Australia.

“Indigenous cricket participation has hit a record 26,000 participants and female participation – as cricket’s fastest growing area – is also at record numbers of 290,000.”

Squad of the 14 members team to be announced soon. 

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