What if India-Pakistan women series gets cancelled?

India Pakistan Womens cricket

India and Pakistan. These two words are like a Black spot on a White canvas, sufficient enough to grab attention. Especially when the two countries are involved in sports or other cultural backgrounds they are set to create headlines. Currently there is a lot of uncertainty between the occurrence of the India-Pak women`s series which is creating a disturbance in the overall Championship points evaluation. There is a necessity for conclusion of this series as they have till the end of October 2016.

If the series is not played the matter of points to be rewarded will lay at the hands of the event`s technical committee. India will have to forfeit six points available for the series if they do not agree to play. Leaving the technicalities to the technical team, cancellation of this series is surely going to affect the overall spirit of the ICC Women`s Championship. It`s quite evident that the voluntarily involvement of these two countries raise the heat in any happening. The level of excitement for a series like this is not dependent on the gender of players playing it. It is totally dependent on the two names here. So do we avoid a composition as such always? We shouldn’t.

Pakistan is due to host India for this series, which is supposed to consist of three ODIs. The top four teams at the end of the championship gain direct entry into the 2017 World Cup in England. It is also the government`s call whether the series will be played or no even though the committee has the right to take a step. Along with rumored cancellation and jumbled opinions the future of selection into the World Cup is also at stake. So should the series be cancelled?

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No it shouldn’t be. Keeping aside the political tension between two countries, sportsmanship should be taken into consideration. The occurrence of the above series is decided to swirl the tension but cancellation is definitely going to produce inconvenience to the technical faculties. The cancellations in the past due to non-cricketing reasons have affected both the countries equally and this time the decision is set to leave the papers flooded with taglines. From the point of view of a sports lover, justice must be restored to the game under which all the inadmissible reasons should be discarded.

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A fair game is a fair game. Fans won`t need justification given to anything because whatever happens they are mature enough to judge the situation considering the events as a part of the game. Leaving them in the dark and walking away with the cancellation is going to leave ambiguity in the air. What we need is clarity between the game and us, be it women`s cricket or the other. So what do you think, should there be a India Pak Women`s Series this year?


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