What makes Mithali Raj an invincible cricketer?

An invincible cricketer - Mithali Raj

Female Cricket has created itself a place in the World Sports arena. With more aspiring female cricketers growing year by year and records being broken and renewed after every other field event, young girls need a role model who will serve as a beacon for them. Mithali Dorai Raj, the 33 year old female captain of our cricket team has been successful in setting an example for all and still continues to inspire women around the world. So here is why she has earned all the respect for her attitude and approach towards her career.

Her interview taken by Cricket Country exposes all her qualities as she shares her story and experience with them. She had scored 214 at the young age of nineteen, the highest ever in a women Test then at Taunton. It was later that she had realized about the big achievement which didn’t seem so exciting on the ground but later when her mom arrived on the station to receive her. She says it was very unusual and emotional for her.

If such a record would have been broken by a male cricketer, he would’ve been applauded with appraisals by overwhelming fans. Yet she has constant hopes for a better future for female cricketers and is contributing successively to its betterment. When her record was later being broken by Kiran Baloch in 2004, she wasn’t disappointed at all. Records are meant to be broken and renewed and it will only inspire her to play better. One sign of a successful sports player is that he/she is not discouraged by achievements received by others. Rather he/she is encouraged to give their best, they learn every time from a new experience and progress and that’s why they inspire huge masses of people.

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She speaks to Cricket Country about how she faced resistance from her relatives when she wanted to pursue a career in cricket which didn’t gain a significant amount of communal and social support back in the nineties. Being a south girl by origin she was expected to pursue education in medical and engineering, the clichéd stereotypes placed by society. After lots of struggle and with the help of her parents she thanks all her life, she is able to stand at this position. She sacrificed her eight year love and passion for classical dance and her fondness for sketching just for cricket. She had to miss family functions so that she could direct all her attention towards her goals.

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So to summarize the qualities of a perfect role model, she has never stopped learning, has not even boasted about her success and is calm and modest in all terms. She has given all her life and huge sacrifices during the journey to her goal which is indeed a commendable thing. She is a great leader for her team mates and contributes endlessly to the progress of women`s cricket. Keeping her aims clear she is still on the run to achieve the best and as she does that she is growing with experiences and inspiring other girls to start their respective races too.

Salute to your efforts.

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