How do cricketers train in monsoon season?

Since it is the midst of monsoon season, all the cricketers have changes in their normal routine as they cannot practice at same scale and at the same intensity. Rain acts as a speed breaker and is often a hindrance which restricts cricketers all over the area to perform their daily tasks related to skills involving batting, balling and fielding.

On the contrary, if we look at the other side of the coin, the monsoon season is the best period in which one can enhance his/her  fitness level. It is the peak time to focus and work on fitness and other related thing. If not a net session, one can simply go to the ground and give more attention to fitness and work specifically on cricket related fitness which may involve running between wickets or anything.


Now, fitness has many aspects, it  is a vast concept and thus includes huge varieties.  Endurance, speed work, weight training (involving both body weight training and training with dumbbells etc.), agility drills etc. or one could simply go in the gym and train there.  Fitness plan could be prepared for individuals depending on their body type and requirement of the person. For example, a batsman shall have a different workout plan than a medium pacer.  A player can rotate many work out plans day to day and enjoy each of them at the same time without getting bored, all is needed is the will to get fitter. As we all have witnessed, the growing concept of fitness, which has resulted in increase in awareness and participation for the same. When it comes to cricket, fitness is foremost parameter to choose the players.

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Female Cricketers training in Monsoon Season
Female Cricketers training in Monsoon Season

It is considered as an essential factor before selecting a player. So instead of leaning on a couch, one could simply go out and work on his/her fitness.  Hence, monsoon is the best time to grab your joggers and to join the league of making oneself fitter. For that it is vital to realise the benefits of the same. Virat Kohli, the captain of Indian cricket team also emphasises the importance of being fit and often highlights how working on fitness and giving extra hours to it, has helped him in his game. His idea is to get fitter and better every day.

Many female cricketers like Veda Krishnamurthy, Mona Meshram, Vanitha VR etc. are also leading the campaign and motivating young women players to indulge in fitness.  Similarly many other players have joined the campaign and hence they often speak about how crucial fitness is in cricket and in general.

However, one could also enjoy the benefit of indoor cricket available at various places, so that they do not have to compromise with their passion for batting or balling.

Also in the ground, one can also focus on basics and other small drills that we do not perform during regular net sessions.  Simply one could go out and do shadow drills which are really helpful in enhancing batting skills. One can also focus on diving catches which would be beneficial in fielding to the players in future. In a nutshell, there is a lot one can do to make sessions productive during the monsoon season.

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