Mothers and Daughters programme launched ahead of World T20 by ICC America

To promote cricket among young women in the America region, ICC Americas has come with a unique program. Mothers and Daughters (M.A.D) Cricket is an ICC Americas’ flagship program where women of all ages come and play cricket together. ICC Americas have 16 associate members and West Indies as a full time member.

Mothers and Daughters programme launched ahead of World T20 by ICC America

16 associate members include Argentina, Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, Costa Rica, Falkland Islands, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Suriname, Turks and Caicos Islands and the United States. Among the member countries, West Indies, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Peru and Chile have organized the M.A.D cricket program till date. Women come together to learn and hone their skills of batting, bowling and fielding and learn more about health, fitness, lifestyle and the spirit of game. M.A.D Cricket is Women’s World T20 Americas legacy program. West Indies’ player Merissa Aguilleira is the brand ambassador of the initiative.

On the first weekend of March, one more member country entered into the bandwagon of organizing Mothers and Daughters Cricket. It was Chile. Chile Women’s Cricket Team Captain, Jeannette Garcés captained and monitored the program. Regarding the organization of Chile’s first ever M.A.D Cricket Program, Jeannette Garcés expressed that they are planning to organize more such sessions in the near future.

She gushed,”Some of Chile women’s cricket team players worked as monitors and organized this activity to reach more people to empowered girls to be more involved in sport and specially in cricket, our sport. We had women participants between 5 and 70 years old, we had fun at the same time we learned about cricket. We’re planning to do more sessions in Santiago (capital of Chile) and Chillán (a city in the south of our country).”

Regarding the success of the program, she also added, “We are happy that this event was successful and because of the extraordinary warm reception among the participants. This program gave us the chance to expand cricket in Chile and calling more women and girls to know cricket and feel invited to practice it. Some of the girls who attended show their will to continue practicing cricket and We are very excited because of that.”

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Argentina based Sian Kelly spoke about how cricket is not a professional sport in the Americas, but M.A.D is definitely helping women to know more about the sport. She said, “well unfortunately cricket is not professional in the Americas (for men as well as women), so unfortunately that is not a prospect yet. The MAD program did help us increase the number of girls that come to cricket lessons as their mums know the sport now and they had a great time when they played for example in one club we now have 20-30 young girls playing and their mums are really supportive of it”

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One of the attendees from the M.A.D in Chile, Camila said, “Cricket is not well known here and with the Las Loicas women’s team (Chile’s women’s team), we made the first MAD in our country which was undoubtedly a success.”

M.A.D has also left a great impact in Mexico as more and more women are coming forward to play the sport. Such initiatives are laudable and credits to ICC Americas, Fara Gorsi (ICC Americas’ Regional Manager) and all the support staff who are working hard to make it a success as we look forward to more such sessions in the future. 

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