Jemimah Rodrigues: The ‘mitochondria’ of the Delhi capitals

Jemimah Rodrigues the powerhouse player and vice-captain of Delhi Capitals, radiates an aura of energy and determination, as she gears up for the upcoming season of the Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2024. Her commitment to hard work and preparation shines through in a Jio Cinema exclusive interview. She shares her experiences on training team dynamics and her desires for the season ahead.

Jemimah Rodrigues.
Jemimah Rodrigues.

Training principles of Jemimah Rodrigues

Known for her tireless work ethic, Rodrigues sets the pace on the training field, arriving first and leaving last, she epitomizes devotion and passion for the game. She believes a lot in working hard, following the process, and her preparation whether in the Delhi Capitals camp or the Indian team, Rodrigues’ commitment remains faithful. She even quoted an amusing statement, offering massage tariffs to the people contributing to her practice.

“I feel great, I think I believe a lot in working hard, following the process, and my preparation. I hit a lot of balls, I pity the ones throwing them, I say bhaiya take massage money from me but please throw the balls, and it’s the same in the Indian team also.”

Reuniting with Delhi Capitals

Returning to the Delhi Capitals feels like coming home for Rodrigues, having played against her teammates in domestic fixtures over the past year, she relishes the companionship and sense of belonging within the squad, more than a team it’s a family she mentioned. She reflects highlighting the togetherness that characterizes the Delhi capitals ethos.

“I think it feels great. I love being a part of the DC family. Because like I said, just now, more than a team, it’s a family. When you come back home, you just feel like, ah, this is where I want to be. So this feels like home for me.”

Reflections on the previous season

Despite a stellar performance in the previous edition of the WPL, culminating in a finals appearance, Rodrigues acknowledges the disappointment of falling short. She remains idealistic about the team’s belief for the upcoming season, fueled by a craving for redemption and she shows her excitement for home-ground advantage. Energetic to wear the Delhi Capitals jersey before the Delhi audience, she mentions that as a Mumbai local the prospect of getting wholehearted support from Delhi fans adds to her energy for the forthcoming matches.

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“It was hard. It was really hard. Because we were going along well throughout the tournament. I think throughout the tournament, we had some amazing games. And the one we wanted to win the most, that one didn’t go in our favor. But that’s sport, you know? Yeah. And that’s why we love playing. You know, you win some, you lose some.“

Following this conversation, she goofed up by expressing her desire to win the Trophy but she mentioned the World Cup instead of the WPL trophy. This tells about her determination and utmost aspiration to win the T20 World Cup for the country.

Quoting, Jemimah Rodrigues, “.. and this is our other chance hopefully this year, at our home ground we lift the World Cup. World Cup I’m saying, World Cup also, and the WPL Cup. Yes!, because there’s a T20 World Cup this year. Yeah!”

Vice-captaincy and learning from Meg Lanning

As vice-captain under the esteemed leadership of Meg Lanning, Rodrigues relishes the opportunity to learn and grow describing Lanning as a spotlight of the show both on and off the field. She emphasizes the value of mentorship within the team, there’s so much to learn from her. Rodrigues acknowledges highlighting Lanning’s leadership qualities and cricketing insight into future goals and competitive spirit. Whereas she approaches with a fierce competitive soul, her focus remains on contributing to team victory.

“It feels great. Honestly, there’s so much to learn from her, you know, I think, and she is someone she doesn’t go and demand people for respect. She just walks in and everyone automatically have that respect for her without even her doing much. I mean! , much in the sense she’s done so much. Yeah! That’s why we have that respect for her. But you know what I mean? It’s more like her actions and there’s so much to learn and yeah, just working with her, close and personal. I never thought I would get that opportunity, but thanks to WPL, I’m getting it. Being the vice-captain, being involved in a lot of decisions, seeing how she works.”

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Jemimah’s competitive spirit

She states emphasizing adaptability and situational mindfulness in her approach to batting as she prepares to unleash her ability for the coming WPL season, Rodrigues remains committed to accomplishing her goals while embracing the journey ahead.

“I am very competitive for sure but its more like I will not go on the ego side that you took my wicket, I’m going to hit you, no, I’ll watch the ball and play the ball, yes I want to win matches for me and yes I have that competitiveness but I’ll play according to the situation.”

With her irresistible energy and faithful determination, Jemimah Rodrigues epitomizes the soul of Delhi Capitals as she sets out on another season of WPL. Her commitment to excellence and team spirit shines through a promising show of cricketing prowess and passion on the field.

(Information sourced from JioCinema / Sports18)

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