Harleen Deol highlights the importance of losing Beth Mooney last season

In a recent conversation on Jio Cinema, Gujarat Giants’ player Harleen Deol provided her insights into the team’s journey in the previous season of the Women’s Premier League WPL 2023, and their expectations for the upcoming 2024 season.

Harleen Deol. PC: Getty
Harleen Deol. PC: Getty

The 25-year-old all-rounder expressed that the previous edition wasn’t a case of things going wrong but rather a need to find the right combinations. She highlighted the impact of losing key player Beth Mooney, due to injury who was initially appointed as the captain of their side. She emphasized the importance of finding effective team combinations within the short timeframe of the tournament.

Quoting Harleen Deol as sourced from the exclusive Jio Cinema interaction, “I don’t think it went wrong. As you might have seen, few players clicked on at the later part of the WPL, especially when we lost Beth due to an injury. So that combination and everything got here and there. That’s why I felt that thing got missing because Beth was not there.”

Looking ahead to WPL 2024, Harleen conveyed optimism about the team’s composition mentioning, the return of foreign players and the impressive performances of domestic talents. She emphasized the significance of finding the right balance in team dynamics to achieve success in the upcoming season.

“I mean I feel very positive because there are many players. You will want to see that foreign players are also there. Now they are coming back on track like every player who has been doing well. Before the WPL everyone is doing well. Even players who have come from the domestic circuit, they have done well too. So, obviously, when the combination sets right, everything keeps coming to its place.”

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In discussions about the head coach Michael Klinger of Gujrat Giants, Harleen shared positive emotions mentioning Klinger’s supportive approach towards the players. She highlighted the importance of feeling backed by the franchise which puts a sense of confidence and motivation among players.

“I have met Mike once or twice and I felt that he is very positive and to get that positivity from a person that you get as a coach, it’s very rare. I mean, I met him and talked to him, so he just wanted to tell me that we are backing you. So as a player, it matters a lot for you if your franchise is backing you.”

As Gujarat Giants prepare for WPL 2024, Harleen Deol and the team remain focused on finding the optimal combinations, utilizing the talents of both international and domestic players, and embracing the support and positivity of the coaching staff.

(Information sourced from JioCinema / Sports18)

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