Australia and India are most impressive teams in Women’s T20 World Cup 2020, says Brett Lee

Sporting history has been defined by its elite tournaments. Faceoffs under a banner have held an exciting meaning for the fans and lovers. Cricket, the new sensation, has had a similar track with ICC governing the game throughout the globe on a professional scale.


Smriti Mandhana and Brett Lee
Smriti Mandhana and Brett Lee. Pic Credits: Advertising Week


The events under the banner of the International Cricket Council have held a different buzz altogether. For every heart associated with the game, ICC tournament and especially World Cup reflect the ultimate stage to give the very best. Teams, naturally, are under unprecedented pressure and expectations. As the T20 world cup for women staged in Australia comes closer, the hype for the tournaments is reaching a new high.

The Indian team went through quite a few of these mentions as the tournament draws closer. However, this time the reasons are good with the veteran Pacer from Australia placed his home team and India as the key contenders for the championship. He added that India and Australia are, in his views, the most impressive team. In a boost to the morale of Aussie and Indian camp, Lee reckons that these teams had the fire to the take women’s cricket to a new level.

Interestingly, the tournament starts on 21st or Friday with both India and Australia facing each other in the opener. Lee believes that the tournament on Australian soil will prove historic for the female cricketing streets. Lee, in a publication on the ICC website, highlighted that Australian grounds are best in class for a tournament of this scale. He remembers that out of six venues hosting the cricketing festivities, Sydney and Melbourne are historic.

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Lee recalls getting his first five-wicket haul while debuting for Australia. Coming back to the women’s cricket and the much-awaited tournament, Lee comments that Aussies will turn out to be the best crowds for the game and the presence of such passionate fans witnessing the best women for different nations battling shall translate into a big success for the game of cricket. Lee claimed that he was pleasantly surprised by tracking the progress of women’s cricket. Lastly, the furious bowler revealed that he had been following the Indian side. He mentions the batting line up of India and the likes of Harmanpreet Kaur, Smriti Mandhana and young sensation Shefali Verma is a force to reckon.

With tournaments around the clock, it is easy to guess that the voices and opinions of all sorts shall fly in the air. However, it is the work of the professional players and team management to not take the baggage of pros and cons in a vast array of comments. As teams play matches, the buzz for the tournament will increase and will have the involvement of billions throughout the globe. Players have to condition themselves to not let things off the field take their toll on the ground. Nonetheless, appreciation from such a star and keen follower of the game will definitely fill the Indian line-up will load of self-confidence.

Shubham Kumar

A student who enjoys studying cricket more than anything else, keen to learn the insights of the women’s game.

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