Prize Money, Overseas Players, venue and Auction Purse for Women’s IPL Revealed

The BCCI has rolled announced some important updates for the Women’s IPL. As reported by Vijay Tagore in CricBuzz, there are some interesting developments that have been made available to the public. Let us look at the details around Prize Money, probable venues for Women’s IPL, criteria for Overseas Players and more.

Prize Money, Overseas Players, venue and Auction Purse for Women's IPL Revealed. PC: Getty Images
Prize Money, Overseas Players, venue and Auction Purse for Women’s IPL Revealed. PC: Getty Images
  1. Overseas Players

As reported, the BCCI has announced that five foreign players can be allowed to feature in the playing eleven. It is pertinent to note that at least one cricketer from an Associate country will be allowed in the playing 11. This is slightly different from the men’s IPL where only four overseas players are allowed. Speaking about the same, a source said, “The teams will have the option of fielding five foreign players as long as the fifth player is from an Associate nation”.

  1. Prize Money in Women’s IPL 2023

As reported by Cricbuzz, the prize money for the Women’s IPL is as follows;


Prize Money (In INR)


6 Crores


3 Crores

Third place

1 Crore

The source added, “100 per cent of player prize money is to be distributed amongst the players only.”

  1. Salary Caps for Players

The BCCI has reportedly established a salary cap of INR 12 crore for the Women’s Indian Premier League (WIPL). The fund’s size will grow by INR 1.5 crore per year for the next four years, reaching INR 18 crore by the end of the first five-year cycle. The five-team competition makes no allowance for star players. According to the information provided to possible players on Thursday (January 19), the player purse will begin with INR 12 crore in 2023, increase to INR 13.5 crore in 2024, INR 15 crore in 2025, INR 16.5 crore in 2026, and eventually INR 18 crore in 2027. This is the plan for the first five years, with five teams in the first three years and six teams in the final two years of the cycle.

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What else do we know?


The first edition’s dates have not been finalized, however, they are believed to be from March 4 to 26. The league will almost certainly be played in Mumbai, with the Brabourne Stadium in South Mumbai and the DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai as prospective venues for the 22 games in the inaugural season. The Wankhede Stadium will most likely be kept ready for the IPL, which is expected to begin on March 31 or April 1.

Media rights:

The BCCI recently sold the media rights to Viacom 18 for INR 950 crore and is in the process of picking the five franchises that would participate in the first three years. Following a closed bidding process, the franchises will be unveiled on January 25. The BCCI appears to have sold 29 ITTs, although the actual number of people interested could be closer to 15.

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