9 Players instead of 11 to field in Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022?

The ICC Women’s World Cup is less than 10 days away and the ICC has pulled a rabbit out of the hat as the governing body revealed on Thursday that the tournament could see teams playing nine players only instead of 11.


Andrea Nelson - CEO at ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2022
Andrea Nelson – CEO at ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022


The ICC head of events Chris Tetley broke this news in view of getting through the marquee event with no disruptions due to COVID-19. Though the teams may go ahead with nine players a side in a match, they will be allowed to field two non-batting or non-bowling substitutes from within the squad. Apart from the team composition, if required, the ICC could reschedule the matches, in case of any COVID-19 cases.

The ICC has permitted a 15-member squad for each team, with traveling reserves accompanying the main squad. Tetley said, “We’ve allowed squads to bring additional traveling reserves so that they can replace on a temporary basis if needs be, because of Covid, players in and out of the squad during the event which is four or five-week long event, so there’s an opportunity for players, maybe to contract Covid.”

Cricket World Cup chief executive Andrea Nelson added, “We have put measures in place such as charter flights, exclusive hotel floors, and … an environment where if you are interacting with the team, you’ll need to isolate for a period of time before you enter in. So that hopefully keeps the team environment as safe as possible.”

Additionally, unlimited super overs will be included for the World Cup. So, in case of a tie, the teams will have the opportunity to fight it out in the super over. If a super over also ends up in a tie, then the teams will keep on playing super overs till the time the match gets a clear winner. Unlimited super overs will be a good thing for the World Cup, given what the world saw in the 2019 men’s World Cup final between England and New Zealand. England were adjudged as the winners since they had scored more boundaries than New Zealand.

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The ICC Women’s World Cup will kick start from March 4 in New Zealand and the final will be played on April 3.

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