I want to try one last time to bring the World Cup trophy to India in 2021: Mithali Raj

With cricket taking a break due to the pandemic, the players have got the time to think of the past and plan for the future. They have, thankfully, found the time to interact with the fans and media in a more relaxed atmosphere. As a result, updates have not dried. Players are discussing the future and recently the Indian skipper revealed her desires for the year to come.

Mithali Raj
Mithali Raj. Pic Credit: ANI


For women’s cricket, the year 2020 and the following year 2021 will be of great significance. The Women’s T20 World Cup in Australia got new records and a packed MCG for the women’s game. This momentum will be capitalized in the 50 over world cup scheduled in New Zealand next year. A team like India will look to get a world cup into the cabinet.

The game needs a trophy in the country. Mithali realizes that her glorious career needs a trophy to file a completion. She says that one last shot shall come from her side before she bids adieu to the game. Raj has taken the Indian side to the runners up twice in the world cup. It was 2005 and 2017 that saw the Indian team lose the chance to get a world cup trophy. She had retired from the shortest format of the game to focus on the 50-over game.


Mithali Raj Facts Virat Kohli
Mithali Raj. Pic Credits: ANI


Earlier, it was reported that she wants the coming world cup to be her swansong. She seems extensively determined to take her best on the field.

While talking to one of the most known commentators of the game, Mithali says, “I am looking forward to the 2021 World Cup (50 over). I want to try one last time to bring the World Cup trophy to India in 2021. I need to keep myself motivated for 2021. I just want people to continue to support women’s cricket.”

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She was talking to Sanjay Manjrekar under the banner of ESPNcricinfo Videocast. The Indian team has lost two finals and the recent outing in London was heartbreaking for many fans. In the shortest format, things don’t look different as the side has seen a loss in the finals at MCG in the recently concluded T20 world cup. She added that “when I started, I was an opener. In my second series, the 2000 World Cup, I batted No. 3 and the strike rate was good at that time because I did not have the burden of carrying the team around me. But after that from being someone who could score 50 off 40 balls, I became someone who would start slowly.”

Her variations in roles don’t seem to bother her as they are in line with the plans of the team. However, she feels that the team plan shall not force her to change the approach. Her words and dedication are an inspiration for young players. She has the resilience in her eyes. India and Mithali need a cup for them and the fans.

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