Sue Strachan all set to become first female President of Scottish cricket in its 140 years’ existence

Cricket Scotland recently appointed Dr. Sue Strachan as the body’s new president. She will begin her term as the board’s president in March this year and has been signed for a 2-year term.


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Sue has been a part of the organization for over 4 years now. In a talk with BBC Scotland, she said that “The more girls that we have involved, the more the standard is driven up”.

She hasn’t just been into cricket but has contributed a lot in other sports too. She has been on the board of the Scottish Women’s Football Association and also was a part of the group that created ‘Scottish Women in Sport’. As a sportsperson herself, she plays squash at masters’ level for Scotland. She also plays tennis, hockey and cricket, but on a more “recreational” level. She knows the world of sport in and out and recognizes the advantages very well, too

Sport for women is great and I want to spread that message to people.” She said. Adding, “”I have had so much fun with my sport, as well as the health benefits it gives me, of which obviously as a doctor I’m so well aware, it’s social and fun and being part of a community.”

Talking about becoming the board’s president, she said, “It is an enormous honor and it’s a huge responsibility as well, being the first woman. I always wanted to be the first woman to do something so this is my thing. I am going to give it all my energy.”

She also spoke about Cricket Scotland’s grassroots initiatives. “What we’ve been doing over the last three or four years particularly is trying to involve girls at a young age and then keep them in cricket as one of their sports, not necessarily their only sport.” She said.

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Sue further added, “I’m not there because of my cricketing abilities – I’m a very average cricketer – but I think it shows how far cricket in Scotland has moved over the last few years with regards to diversity and inclusion to actually have a female president voted for by the clubs.”

We wish Sue all the very best for her term and are sure Cricket Scotland is going to benefit from having someone like her at the apex J

News Source: BBC Scotland, Cricket Scotland

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