India risk losing points for not playing Pakistan

The craze for the India-Pakistan matches and national rivalry has always been of the same intensity but in opposite ways, which makes the game suffering at times.

Pakistan Women vs India Women
Pakistan Women vs India Women. Pic Credits: Getty Images

The same situation has again arrived for the Indian Cricket team where the side is on the verge of losing points for not playing Pakistan, as they were to host the rivals in an ODI series in November. BCCI asked permission to Central government but were apparently denied due to the tension between both countries and now will have to write to ICC with full-proof reasons for not hosting the game.

This series would have been a part of the ICC Women’s World Championship (and hence accrue points for qualification towards the 2021 World Cup). This issue was discussed in the Committee of Administrators’ (CoA) meeting on September 16. “The CoA noted that, as discussed at the ICC meetings, in such a situation, the points for the same are likely to be shared between both the teams,” mention the minutes of the meeting, put up on the Board website.

An ICC source revealed – “We’re waiting to hear from members (India and Pakistan) as to whether or not they can play (this series). They have to present evidence, for example, a letter from (their) government as to why they can’t play (this series). The technical committee (of the ICC) will then meet and make a decision on (whether) the points (will be shared or not),” the source told TOI on Friday.

The same thing has happened previously in 2016 World-cup when India refused to play Pakistan and lost points in Round-6 of the ICC Championship.

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