How Does Cisco 200-901 Certification Exam Positively Transforms Your Career in Network Automation?

Stepping into the field of network automation is both fascinating and challenging. To support your learning journey, most professionals back up their work experience with a noteworthy certification from renowned organizations. And one of the most credible pillars of your knowledge expansion and skills advancement in basic network applications and solutions is no other than the DevNet Associate certification through the Cisco 200-901 exam.


How Does Cisco 200-901 Certification Exam Positively Transforms Your Career in Network Automation?
How Does Cisco 200-901 Certification Exam Positively Transforms Your Career in Network Automation?
  • Prepares you for the tough network automation world ahead

The exam is strategically designed to provide you with a basic yet practical understanding of network applications in different Cisco platforms. It serves as your validation in implementing key automation workflows, particularly in aspects associated with the network, collaboration, computing infrastructure, and security.

  • Provides you with in-depth comprehension of software development

Aside from CCNP Certification , the exam also brings into the spotlight the basic features of software development and design. It offers your credibility in handling APIs, building applications, ensuring security, and working with infrastructure. The software development section focuses on your know-how in data format, key development methods, design patterns, and version control operations.

Meanwhile, it helps you understand more about dealing with API and its related aspects, including authentication mechanisms, styles, documentation, and constraints, among others. Other pivotal subjects highlighted are CCIE Certification codes, usage patterns, and Python script.

  • Nurtures your grasp of relevant Cisco platforms

In relation to APIs and software development, Cisco 200-901 also covers various Cisco platforms, particularly Cisco SDK. In addition, it gives emphasis to Cisco network management setups such as Meraki, ACI, SD-WAN, Devnet Associate Certification , and DNA Center. In terms of Cisco compute management platforms, the exam incorporates UCS Manager and UCS Director, along with Intersight. Then, for the Cisco collaboration, it involves Webex Teams and devices, as well as Cisco Unified Communication Manager, specifically UDS interfaces, Finesse, and AXL.

  • Unlocks a variety of job roles
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Passing the exam and earning the DevNet Associate certification gives you a wide range of opportunities. Network automation engineer is one of the most favored positions that shape your ability to integrate innovative network automation solutions to drive effective business outcomes. Software developers also see this as a stepping zone in improving their skills in designing and developing network applications to meet the customers’ demands. Lastly, system integration programmer makes use of the certification exam as a tool for polishing their aptitude in system integration through network automation.

  • Gives you the upper hand when it comes to application

But of course, successfully completing the Devnet Professional Certification means that you obtain the coveted DevNet Associate certification. This accreditation is not just any other technical credential but rather a sign of your prowess in basic network automation and even software development. As a result, employers see you as a sought-after applicant who can bring value to the business. With your certification, you become a standout individual, leading to a better pay and a wide range of opportunities. According to the Indeed website, your annual salary can range from $78,000 to $99,000 per annum.


Completing the Cisco CCNA Practice Test is more than just earning a renowned certification. It’s instrumental in transforming your professional career into a bright and thriving future ahead. With this international validation, your knowledge and skills are recognized and translated into remarkable benefits.

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