List of bowlers with multiple Hat-trick in Women’s T20I

In the exhilarating world of cricket, where every delivery holds the promise of drama, a hat-trick stands out as a rare and celebrated feat. It is the ultimate testament to a bowler’s skill, precision, and ability to outwit their opponents. While hat-tricks are a relatively uncommon occurrence, there are exceptional players who have not just one but two hat-tricks to their name. Among them are Kary Chan (Hong Kong), Concy Aweko (Uganda), and Fariha Trisna (Bangladesh), who have distinguished themselves by achieving this remarkable feat not just once, but twice in their careers.

List of bowlers with multiple Hat-trick in Women's T20I
List of bowlers with multiple Hat-trick in Women’s T20I

1. Fariha Trisna (Bangladesh)

Fariha Trisna, with her sublime bowling prowess, added her name to this list of cricketers with two hat-tricks to their name. Trisna’s clinical display against Malaysia and Australia left a lasting impression on the cricketing fraternity. Her ability to dismantle batting line-ups with precision and finesse was on full display as she claimed three wickets for twelve runs against Malaysia and followed it up with a stunning four-wicket haul conceding just nineteen runs against Australia.

In a stunning display of skill and determination, Fariha Trisna recently etched her name into cricketing lore with a remarkable hat-trick against the formidable Australians. Her victims, including the likes of Ellyse Perry, Sophie Molineux, and Beth Mooney, showcased Trisna’s ability to outfox some of the best in the business. This latest addition to the elite ranks of double hat-trick takers underscores Trisna’s talent as a cricketing star, inspiring aspiring cricketers worldwide with her breathtaking performance on the grand stage.

Fariha Trisna VS Malaysia – 3/12 and 4/19 VS Australia

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2. Kary Chan (Hong Kong)

Kary Chan, one of the most dependable players on her side, showcased her mastery during their encounters against China and Japan. In a mesmerizing display of skill and determination, Chan demolished the opposition with her accurate bowling, claiming five wickets while conceding a mere seven and ten runs, respectively. Her ability to deliver under pressure and consistently trouble the batsmen earned her well-deserved acclaim.

Kary Chan VS China – 5/7 and 5/10 VS Japan

3. Concy Aweko (Uganda)

Concy Aweko, another standout performer, left spectators in awe with her stellar performances against Kenya and Cameroon. Aweko’s impeccable line and length, coupled with her variations, proved to be too much for the opposition as she scalped four wickets for just twelve runs against Kenya and followed it up with a remarkable three-wicket haul conceding a mere four runs against Cameroon.

Concy Aweko VS Kenya – 4/12 and 3/4 VS Cameroon

The significance of achieving a hat-trick in cricket cannot be overstated. It requires not only skill and talent but also mental fortitude and the ability to seize the moment. For Kary Chan, Concy Aweko, and Fariha Trisna, their dual hat-trick exploits symbolize their indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication to the sport.

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