Ways to Access Women’s Cricket Betting Options Despite Gamban Restrictions

Self-exclusion programs like Gamban have one annoying feature: you cannot customize them.  For example, if you exclude casinos, you’re also forbidden from visiting bookmakers. It has a reason, since the chance of developing an addiction is higher for you. But what if you just have fun betting on female cricket or other sports?

Well, there are several
ways of cancelling GamBan if you are already a participant. But make sure you can play responsibly and accept all risks.

Awareness of Gamban Restrictions

What is Gamban, though? It is an international self-excluding program. Just like GamStop in the UK, it blocks all casinos for a user. The difference is that Gamban doesn’t stop at one country or region. And that’s where problems begin. You cannot just register in a foreign casino! So, it works similarly to local programs, yet too good to overcome:

  1. The Gamban created a database of websites all over the world and marked which of them were gambling sites.
  2. After you register and pay for a subscription (yes, it is paid, unlike the non-profit companies), your IP or a mobile device is in the database.
  3. Bingo! You are restricted from visiting any gambling websites.

Moreover, it tracks your activity from all devices, including phones and tablets. It is indeed a perfect program to fight your gambling addiction. Anyway, sometimes you need to access the betting site, and it becomes too hard. 

Use of VPN Services

The most obvious yet still working method is the use of a VPN. Gamban works based on your IP – this number is what restricts you from using gambling sites. Meanwhile, VPN services change your IP to a foreign one. Select the tool in the App Store, Play Market, or among PC browser extensions. Most likely, you’ll be able to visit casinos.

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A free VPN version should be enough since you don’t need dozens of countries and IPs, right? The only possible problem is money transfer. When you use a VPN, your bank may block the payment and even consider your actions suspicious. Thus, you should try prepaid vouchers and cryptos.

Offshore Betting Platforms

What are offshore casinos? Basically, these are casinos and bookmakers with no official license. No license = no official status of a gambling platform. Thus, Gamban doesn’t see those websites. This method also has an alternative site. Unlicensed bookmakers may be tricky. They allow you to bet on your favorite cricket matches, yet the odds may be unrealistic and not as beneficial as on official bookmaker sites.

Moreover, offshore platforms may simply appear as scams, so check the reviews before registering. Finally, these are international licences – no guarantees that your favorite cricket team will be available there. So, see the betting options and sports in advance. 

Alternative Devices

Let’s make it clear – IP is not connected to a device specifically. Basically, it is your Internet address. When you connect your PC or a smartphone to your home router, they share the same IP. Here is the trouble. 

You decided to connect to another network and go out with your phone. You go to an Internet cafe, turn on the Wi-Fi, and connect. Everything seems perfect… but Gamban is still turned on. Why? Because your smartphone has been using the IP from a database for a long time. Moreover, this network is saved on your device.

The decision is to use another device. Borrow it from your friend, or even buy a second-hand smartphone at a low price. DO NOT connect it to your home router. Go to another place or use cell data to connect to the Internet. Surprise – betting sites are now available. 

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Assistance from Support Groups

A desire to gamble is sometimes tricky. You think that you’re absolutely healthy and can bet with no risks. Is it so, really? Where does this desire come from?

Before trying the described methods, think of these things. Also, Gamban offers assistance for Support Groups. These are communities where you can share experiences and discuss stuff. Address them and make sure your intentions are healthy. If not, don’t be shy about asking for help.

Responsible Gambling Considerations

Turning off Gamban, you feel the relief – finally, the world of betting is open. But the source of the problem did not disappear. There are still some risks, and taking all measures is your responsibility. Before visiting betting sites once again, make sure you follow these rules:

  • You feel fun and not a fake “responsibility” to gamble.
  • You can make pauses before games and betting sessions.
  • You know what particular sums you are ready to spend.

If so, feel free to enjoy a long-awaited cricket match. But don’t do such things too often and don’t forget to turn on the program afterward.


If you use Gamban, you are already at a high risk of gambling addiction. Do you want to bet on your favourite female EU cricket team for fun? Do you, really? Sometimes, addiction is lying to us. Before overcoming bans and using those methods, make sure you are safe. Notify your friends that you are trying to bet again. Set the alarms. Set the deposit limits. Overall, take all measures to make your betting experience enjoyable and not risky.

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