The Reasons For Cricket Teams To Partner with GamStop

Without a doubt, the gradual expansion of the iGaming business has resulted in a massive surge in gambling-related issues, including fraud and gambling addiction. As a result, many programs have been launched to assist bettors and cricket fans who have a bitter relationship with gambling. GamStop is one of the most well-known identities in this industry.

It still allows gambling on
sites that don’t limit players who do not want to stop, but it creates a wall between bettors and all UKGC-licensed sites. For cricket enthusiasts, this self-exclusion program has become a must to avoid any addictive tendencies that usually come as a part of the parcel of adherence to sports betting.

Especially the highly competitive nature of these games not only keeps spectators at the edge of their seats but also fuels the same excitement by giving them a chance to get involved in it by betting on their predicted outcomes. Once the predictions match the brains of the bettors start gaining a certain amount of highs from the wins. Eventually, the brain only focuses on the occasional win and gets into the habit of chasing that overlooking the eventual losses.

Cricket and Sports Betting

Cricket is already a trendy spectator sport in the UK and can potentially benefit GamStop in obtaining the media attention it deserves. In England and Wales, cricket is governed by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). This governing organization was founded in 1997 as a replacement for the Test and County Cricket Board, the Cricket Council, and the National Cricket Association, which had previously reviewed the sport.

Cricket is gaining popularity fast, and currently is one of the most mainstream sports to wager on, and cricket officials have always been linked with sportsbooks. Betway, for example, stepped into the cricket world by sponsoring the West Indies side in 2018 and, more recently, South Africa. It is also the same with Unibet, a noteworthy sportsbook company that joined hands with Surrey County Cricket Club (Surrey CCC) in 2016, and other brands sponsor other counties.

These days sports bettors are exposed to a wider market and hence they are never out of options to bet on. This has both high sides and low sides because they will never get bored of one category driving them into trying out every option in the market and eventually leading them into overspending on gambling. Playing cricket nets will eventually become addictive for some, especially when mobile betting is gaining popularity. The frequency of betting on cricket has increased and hence, is highly addictive to vulnerable gamblers. Online betting has shifted spectators’ focus away from the game, resulting in gambling-related damage in some cases. Gamblers’ frustration during times of failure leads to depression and other psychological illnesses in a direct sense and indirectly it affects the victim’s interpersonal relationships, career, and future.

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Reasons for Teaming Up with GamStop

Cricket, a sport deeply woven into the fabric of many cultures, has a responsibility to address the issue of gambling harm within its fanbase. While the thrill of the game and the camaraderie of shared fandom are undeniable, the presence of gambling sponsorships and advertising can create an unhealthy normalization of gambling behaviour.

By partnering with GamStop, a self-exclusion scheme for online gambling platforms, cricket teams can take a proactive stance in promoting responsible gambling and supporting those struggling with addiction. This fosters a more inclusive and mindful cricketing community and aligns with the sport’s values of fair play and sportsmanship. Furthermore, it allows cricket teams to collaborate with bookmakers that are not blocked by GamStop, facilitating their efforts in promoting responsible gambling practices. They can provide fans with access to a wider range of betting options while emphasizing the importance of responsible gambling.

Popularising the Concept of GamStop

In April 2018, the National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme (NOSES), a non-profit organization, launched GamStop. To reduce gambling harm in the UK, the scheme was founded and cricket fans who suspect they may have a gambling addiction were encouraged to register with GamStop to protect themselves. This program is highly beneficial for cricket fans who decide to stop gambling. As a result, they must submit reliable information and confirm their registration via mail. Once approval is obtained, these gamblers can pick between a 6-month, 1-year, or 5-year restriction period to stick to. After this time has passed and the habit of overindulgence is broken, they will be able to access gambling websites again. 

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When a cricket team supports GamStop, it serves both as an opportunity to raise the profile of this self-exclusion service, and a reputational gain for the team. The followers of cricket spread all over the world and not just in the UK. The overwhelming popularity of cricket as a sport will help GamStop gain the limelight it deserves. This cooperation is an efficient way for cricket teams to encourage responsible gaming. Gamstop was created to support gamblers by allowing them to self-exclude from legal gambling websites, and this partnership with Cricket teams will act as a terrific opportunity to boost Gamstop’s self-exclusion reputation. In return, the public image of the cricket teams will rise for being compassionate towards the betterment of the masses. 

Helping the Supporters

Despite the rigorous standards imposed by the betting regulator, the concerns linked with internet betting have developed as a result of the simple access to this activity. Approximately 1.4 million people in the United Kingdom are gambling addicts, which is a concerning phenomenon. Managing compulsive gamblers is critical, and in addition to the various organizations that have been established to aid them, GamStop is a mandatory scheme for all gambling operators.


Cricket has already taken up the responsibility to preach safe gambling practices through various channels to uphold its agenda. While the necessity for cricket fans to join GamStop is out of the question, popular cricket leagues such as WPL, and others definitely should create companies that promote responsible gaming. This includes featuring GamStop on their social media handles and websites, wearing the cause in their jerseys, and spreading awareness during match days. It is high time for the cricket teams to follow in their footsteps and team up with GamStop.

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