Newcastle Cricket Association (NCA), Australia, plans to conduct a new women’s T20 competition

The Newcastle District Cricket Association, Australia, has invited applications from all the twelve first grade clubs to show their interest for a new women’s T20 league. All the clubs are approached for submissions of interest and their intended team and the Hunter’s new regional T20 competition will go ahead if at least four of the organizations tick ok the foundation requirements.

Australian Women’s Cricket Team. Pic Credits

“We haven’t had a women’s competition before, and now we’re hoping to establish one. Cricket is currently the only major sport within our region not to have embraced women’s participation, a situation everyone agrees needs to change,” said NCA secretary Royce McCormack.

Pinning hope on the increasing popularity of women’s participation in cricket, Newcastle chairman Paul Marjoribanks said, “We certainly aren’t expecting twelve teams straight off the bat like we have in our first-grade competition, and we’ve set four as our minimum, but we have so many areas of women’s cricketers in the region so I think we’ll get more teams.”

The twelve clubs have been given time to respond till August 16 and all the further developments will be made based on their responses.

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