Online Casinos Are Employing Cricket Legends for Promotion

Cricket Legends and Brand Ambassadorships in the Indian Online Casino Industry

Cricket is huge. This sport is growing year after year, and the best confirmation of that is the broadcast contract signed for the seasons 2023 to 2027 for Indian Premier League. The value of the contract signed by Disney and Viacom is greater than 6 billion USD. Leaving behind the English Premier League broadcasting in value of broadcasting rights. In a country that worships cricket, it is no wonder that players have such amazing celebrity status. And the business owners from the Indian online casino industry recognized this as a chance for promotion. That is why they hired big names from this sport to advertise and promote their content to customers, hoping the cricket fans will become their new players. And by the looks of the cricket legends they hired, this was a good idea.

The Amazing Popularity and Size of the Indian Online Casino Industry

People in India love to play online casinos. Their popularity increased so much in recent years, making every respectable online casino look for a place in this huge market. And that created an excellent environment for players. Some of the best Indian online casinos can be found at, as gamblers prefer their games, offers, and bonuses. All that led to the incredible value of the Indian gambling market, which was nearly 3 billion USD in the last year. Experts expect this trend to continue, and the value will increase to 5 billion in the next two years. With a noted increase in players expected for the current year, making it up to 450 million customers, it is no wonder that casino owners spend so much on marketing.

The Importance of Cricket and Its Players in India

To say that cricket is a popular sport in India is an understatement. Cricket elevated from sport to become a huge part of the country’s identity. When the season starts everything else stops. Fans will do everything they can to watch their favorite team or a huge match, even get out of work to do so. And how can they not, as with some great matches like the latest WPL 2023 Final? And it is only natural that the cricketers are idolized by the fans. They are celebrities of the highest order in the country and some even have almost deity-like status. That is why their actions are closely watched and imitated by the fans. People want to know what they prefer, what they like, and what they recommend, which is why they are ideal for promoting online casinos.

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Sachin Tendulkar

And whom to start it better with than the legend himself – Sachin Tendulkar is a brand ambassador for the online casino business since 2020. According to many relevant sources, one of the greatest batsmen of all time in cricket and a proud owner of most “Man of the Match” awards. India’s national team captain was even in the parliament for a couple of years. After that, he decided to represent one of the online casino applications that are available for both Android and iOS smart devices. As a player who won Cricket World Cup for India in 2011, it is no wonder that many different businesses want Sachin as their brand representative, online casinos included.

Virender Sehwag

According to many, one of the most destructive openers in the game, Virender made an incredible number of runs. He achieved more than 17 thousand runs over the 14 years he was active, this former captain of Delhi Capitals became the brand ambassador for an online gambling platform. They recognized that the former batsman who also played for India’s team is an ideal promoter for them. He offered his thoughts on betting tips and predictions for cricket matches.

Daren Sammy

Two years ago, a partnership was established between a betting company and Daren Sammy, the first cricketer from Saint Lucia. Sammy is currently employed as the head coach of the West Indies cricket team and is the only captain who won World T20 more than once. An interesting story lies behind his collaboration with the betting operator as they have his jersey number 88 in their name. According to Daren, it was a fortunate coincidence as he had worn that number on his shirt for over 20 years.

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Kevin Pietersen

The former right-handed batsman who played for Delhi Capitals is also in business with online casinos for more than 3 years now. As a global cricket ambassador, he agreed to offer his opinions, predictions, and suggestions for numerous cricket matches. He even writes a column for them, in which he can help players with specific matches and tournaments. As a former player who represented so many different teams in various leagues and countries, gamblers can’t allow themselves not to hear him out.

Chris Gayle

“The Universe Boss” and a former player of Punjab Kings, one of the most destructive batsmen in T20 cricket and also a contender for one of the greatest, was a huge win for an exclusive online casino he signed for. He was a great catch for them in 2021 when he agreed to become a brand ambassador given his massive popularity in India and the cricket community worldwide. He was employed in creating exciting content and reaching out to fans, which were excited about every chance they had to interact with this cricket legend. He signed up to be a brand ambassador for two years.


When you look at all these great names from the world of cricket, you can see why online casinos are actively employing them as representatives. They have great fan bases, they achieved so much during their career, and are a real magnet for people who are already in love with the sport. This new role in their careers, as promoters for gambling businesses, is offering them a chance to extend their relationship with the fans and “stay in the game”. In that way, fans are also happy as they can see their favorite players still talking about the game, and online casinos are constantly growing in popularity due to this synergy. It sounds like everyone wins.

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