Marizanne Kapp impressed with young talents at FairBreak 2023

South African all-rounder Marizanne Kapp is currently participating in the FairBreak Invitational 2023 for the second edition. Kapp has been an instrumental player for South Africa in recent times and was part of the team that reached the final of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 held in South Africa. She has also been part of the Delhi Capitals team that reached the final of the Women’s Premier League in India.

Marizanne Kapp and Mahika Gaur. PC: Twitter
Marizanne Kapp and Mahika Gaur. PC: Twitter


Kapp said about her journey in the past few months, “It’s been good; it’s been challenging and busy as well. But I am happy that I can be here at the FairBreak and, hopefully, improve women’s cricket.”

Kapp is part of the Falcons team in the FairBreak Invitational 2023, which New Zealand’s Suzie Bates leads. The team is a diverse mix of players from different countries, including Sri Lanka’s Chamari Athapaththu, England’s Danni Wyatt, UAE’s Teertha Sathish, and Bhutan’s Anju Gurung.

Kapp has been impressed with the improvement in the skills of the associate players at the FairBreak Invitational 2023. “You can immediately see the improvement, especially when it comes to the associate players from last year to this year. There’s a massive improvement in some of them. For instance, a look at Mahika Gaur, the 17-year-old fast-bowler from UAE. There are a few of them, not gonna lie. Especially the younger ones, they really stand out, but yeah, I’ll pick her as my standout, and she can have an impact on women’s cricket in the future,” Kapp said.

The South African all-rounder is optimistic about the future of women’s cricket and believes that events like the FairBreak Invitational can play a big role in the development of the sport. “A lot of people will say things like that the standard of cricket is not up there, but I mean, if you look at where the Women’s Big Bash League and all were when they started, it never started as amazing as it is now. They all start somewhere, and each year, it improves as I said, something that really stands out for me this year is the improvement of associate players. If it continues at this rate, it really is going to up women’s cricket in general,” Kapp said.

Kapp’s journey in the past few months has been challenging, but the all-rounder has risen to the occasion and produced performances to remember. Her partnership with former South African captain Dane van Niekerk, both on and off the field, has been a source of inspiration for many fans of the sport. While there was speculation around van Niekerk’s retirement during the Women’s Premier League, Kapp has continued to focus on her game and is determined to make a difference in women’s cricket.

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The FairBreak Invitational 2023 is an excellent opportunity for players like Kapp to showcase their skills and inspire future generations of players. With the increasing focus on women’s cricket around the world, it is heartening to see events like these that provide a platform for players from different countries to come together and compete. As Kapp rightly pointed out, the standard of cricket may not be up there yet, but with the right support and development, the future of women’s cricket looks bright.

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