Aviator Game for Real Money – How it Works

How Aviator Game Work

Nowadays, many people like to play games. This is a certain kind of entertainment that is now as widespread as possible. It can be done on the computer and on the cell phone. The most popular trend is gambling. In them you can not only have a good time, but also earn real money. Not so long ago there was a global update in the gambling industry. A new and interesting game was invented. It is as simple and profitable as possible. This allows even beginners at the start to earn good money. As you might have guessed it is Aviator. Further in this article you will get acquainted with it in more detail. The information you get will help you understand the question How does the Aviator Game Work?


Aviator Game – Everything you Need to Know

If you study the online gambling industry, you’ve probably heard of Aviator. It’s an interesting concept of real money entertainment. The game is a lot different from the usual online casino. Aviator was developed by Spriebe in 2019. However, from the very first day a lot of gamblers were interested in it and as it turned out not for nothing. The main characteristics:

Developer  Spribe
Game type Crash 
RTP  97%
Available on devices Personal computers and cell phones
Minimum bet 10 cents

In the few years of its existence, the aviator real money game has gained many fans. As you may have noticed, the level of RTP in it is very high. This is one of the main advantages of the game. Because of the simple and not demanding software that is used here Aviator can be run even on smartphones. This is very convenient for users. Many people are interested in the question of legality and safety. Aviators also have no problems in this respect. The game fully meets all the requirements. The more so the company itself the developer does not give no legal online casinos to add Aviator in their collection. So you have nothing to worry about.

Gameplay in Aviator

Aviator is an automated game of luck, which makes it similar to slots. But it does not refer to them. The best way to define it is the term “crash game”. It has simplistic graphics, so appearance is not its main attraction. Players love Aviator for its exciting action and unique gameplay. You can check it out below:

  • The main attribute of the game aviator and the reason for the name is the red airplane. It constantly takes off on the user’s screen;
  • Once the airplane is off the strip in the center of the screen, numbers – coefficients – appear;
  • The more altitude he gains, the higher the quotes;
  • Players make bets before it takes off;
  • There are two game modes – automatic and manual;
  • You have to stop the round before the airplane flies away or collapses;
  • For each round, the user can place no more than 2 bets.
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That’s all you need to know about the gameplay of Aviator. As said before – it is as simple as possible. If you still have doubts and want to practice, there is a demo mode for this.

How does Aviator works?

If you want to know about the software that Spribe used when developing the Aviator, it is not possible. The only thing that is known is that a random number generator is responsible for everything in this game. That is, it is impossible to predict the exact value of the odds in any round. That is why many players appreciate the Aviator. Success here depends only on you and no one else. Yet even in this game there are strategies.

Aviator Game Strategies

You should understand that there is no 100% technique with which you can win every round at Aviator. As mentioned earlier, a random number generator is responsible for the quotes here. And only he decides when the plane will fly away or crash. However, there are still a few tactics that can help you increase your chances of success:

  • Double Bet. This gives you a chance to cash out on time. If you supplement this method with a 2:1 approach, you get an even better chance of covering your wager. Assuming you plan to bet 300 in the game, the first should be 200 and the second should be 100;
  • 1.5x Strategy. It involves placing one small bet. Even if you lose, the amount will not be large. The goal is to always cash out when the multiplier reaches 1.5x. The more bets you place, the more you win;
  • High risk strategy. If you’ve played in demo mode, you’ve probably noticed that many players bet large amounts. This is a high risk. However, such a bet also brings larger winnings;
  • Increase your bet when you lose. This is another high-risk strategy. But it does not necessarily require large bets. It is based on d’Alembert’s theory that every loss brings you closer to winning. 

These are the 4 main strategies for playing Aviator. You can choose any of them and test them in demo mode. After that you may start betting for real money. To do this you will need to choose a good platform.

Aviator Game Interface

Although the gameplay is simple, it has a few extra features that make it fun. There are no complicated elements in the Aviator interface. In short, it has everything you need and nothing unnecessary. You can familiarize yourself with all the elements below:

  • The field for placing bets. This is one of the main places in Aviator. This game allows you to place 2 bets per round. They can be completely different;
  • In-game chat. You can use it to communicate with the community of players. You may ask about their strategies, ask for advice on how to play, or just congratulate the winners;
  • Rain feature. Aviator 2.0 has a feature that appears at random times and adds a random amount of free bets to the chat. You can use the “claim” button to get them. That’s why it’s important to check out the chat from time to time;
  • Autoplay. If you plan to play multiple rounds and want to simplify the game, you can activate this feature. You set the bet and the number to run (up to 10). If you change your mind, you can stop the session while the Autoplay feature is active;
  • Autopay. You can specify the multiplier level when you want it. If your strategy is to withdraw money at a certain point each time, this feature will be very useful;
  • Rounds History. This contains information about what the multipliers have been in recent games. With its help, you can find a certain trend and develop a strategy based on it. The game also has a history of your bets;
  • A list of active players. On the left you can see the number of participants in the round, the amount of their bet and their winnings. This adds to the competitive spirit of the game.
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These are the main elements of the Aviator interface. This is the most useful function for the player. They will in any case be useful to you during the gameplay.

How do I start playing Aviator?

This is a game of chance, which is available at online gambling sites. The main site to play is Aviator Real Money Casinos. Also, Spriebe has given the rights to several other legal companies. They include 1win, Mostbet, Pin-Up, Parimatch, Bluechip. You can choose any of these online casinos. Then your actions should be as follows:

  1. Open the official website of the casino;
  2. Register or log in to your account if you already have one;
  3. Refill your account. To do this, you can choose one of the methods available in the casino;
  4. After the funds are credited, you may open Aviator and start playing for real money.

Demo mode is available even without registering and you can test the game. Initially, it is worth watching for a few rounds of the take-off. After you win the money can be immediately withdrawn through any of the available payment systems.

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