Asian Cricket Council signs Female Cricket as Content Partner for Women’s Asia Cup 2022

The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) that’s commonly referred to as ACC was established back in 1983 to promote and develop cricket in Asia. Associate to the International Cricket Council (ICC), the council is the continent’s regional administrative body and currently consists of 26 member associations.

The council runs a development program that supports coaching, umpiring, and sports medicine programs in member countries, funded from television revenues collected during the officially sanctioned Asian Cricket Council tournaments including the Asia Cup, Asian Test Championship, ACC Trophy, and various other tournaments which included the Under-19 team as well.


Asian Cricket Council onboards Female Cricket as Content Partner for Women's Asia Cup 2022
Asian Cricket Council onboards Female Cricket as Content Partner for Women’s Asia Cup 2022

It is with the very same, Asian Cricket Council that Female Cricket has been linked up as a Content Partner for the ongoing 8th edition of the Women’s Asia Cup. Female Cricket is the world’s first platform dedicated entirely to women’s cricket, which aims to raise the profile of women cricketers by sharing their stories, acknowledging their hard work, and inspiring more and more girls to take up cricket.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Female Cricket, Mr. Vishal Yadav on the milestone shared, “When I began Female Cricket, I knew the journey was going to be a long one full of ups and downs and it meant making a lot of efforts and sacrifices. But we continued giving back to the cricket community and our work kept repaying us with beautiful rewards and surprises.

“One such reward came in the form of this Partnership. I am super excited to announce this partnership with the Asian Cricket Council for the ongoing Women’s Asia Cup 2022. This is a huge win for us & we would like to thank our community for their constant love & support – without whom this wouldn’t have been possible. This takes us a step closer to our efforts of promoting and celebrating women’s cricket.”


The Women’s Asia Cup initially was played in the 50-over format and after 4 editions, the tournament ran the show in the 20-over format. India by far has been the most successful side in the tournament with 6 successive title wins to their name and it was Bangladesh in the 2018 edition, who denied India their 7th in a row with a 3-wicket win off the last ball in the final. After the 2020 edition was postponed and then eventually cancelled, the tournament got back on road with its ongoing 8th edition.

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Women’s Asia Cup winners over the years :

2004 ODI Sri Lanka India 5-0 Sri Lanka
2005-06 ODI Pakistan India 97-run Sri Lanka
2006 ODI India India 8-wicket Sri Lanka
2008 ODI Sri Lanka India 177-run Sri Lanka
2012 T20I China India 18-run Pakistan
2016 T20I Thailand India 17-run Pakistan
2018 T20I Malaysia Bangladesh 3-wicket India

The Men’s Asia Cup tournament started back in 1984 and the inaugural edition had India win the championship. A fast-forward to 2022 and the Asia Cup has had 15 successful editions conclude which sees India as the most successful side with 7 title wins and Sri Lanka with a win in the recently concluded Asia Cup tournament have closed out the gap and are one away from equalling India with 6. Pakistan too have got a couple of title wins to their name that’d come back in 2000 and 2012.

A loud and proud shoutout to each one who’s been involved in the journey, it surely wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts starting from Mr Vishal Yadav who’s over the year guided contributors, editors, and the crew that works around the clock and a warm-hearted thank you to all the fans and supporters of Female Cricket who’ve made this journey and the moment a memorable one.

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