How to Participate and Earn Up to ₹1 CR in Rario’s Cricket Strategy Game?

Rario, the world’s first officially licensed digital collectibles platform, is all set to create history. On August 25, Rario will launch the world’s first officially-licensed cricket NFT game. This cricket strategy game will not be a source of entertainment but also offer a lucrative deal as the winners can clinch prizes up to $125,000 (approximately Rs. 1 crore). The launch date of this fascinating game is just one week before the start of the riveting Caribbean Premier League that kicks off on August 31.


Earn Up to ₹1 CR with Rario's New Pack Drop on 8th August 2022
Earn Up to ₹1 CR with Rario’s New Pack Drop on 8th August 2022


To date, Rario was a marketplace that allowed cricket fans to own their favourite cricket moments and buy and sell them. With the introduction of new Player Card NFTs, the fans can lock horns against each other in the said cricket strategy game. From simply offering a platform for trading to launching an exciting game, Rario has taken a considerable step forward in the space of NFTs.

Where can you get Rario Player Cards?

Now that Rario is all prepared to launch the game, the next question is, how can one play it? The players are required to have Rario Player Card NFTs. They can get those from the ‘Pack Drops’ or the ‘Marketplace.’ While in Pack Drops, the players can buy the pack of cards that are on sale on the Rario website, Marketplace, on the other hand, is a place that allows all the players to buy and sell their cards.

How can you play the Cricket Strategy Game?

How to Participate and Earn Up to ₹1 CR in Rario's Cricket Strategy Game?
How to Participate and Earn Up to ₹1 CR in Rario’s Cricket Strategy Game?


Once you have your cards, the next step is to build a team of three players from your set of cards only. Your team should have at least one player from each side, atleast one batter, and atleast one bowler. With your team ready, you can choose the match you want to play and enter the contest free of cost. You can enter any number of competitions across different cricket leagues and series.

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The points system explained!

Now that you have entered the contest, the winner will be determined by the points scored by each participating player. If the total points scored by your team are the highest in your contest, then you hold the top-most position on the leaderboard and are declared the winner. The players in your team are evaluated based on runs scored, wickets taken, catches grabbed, boundaries and sixes hit by your players in the match, etc. Each of these has different points.

So, are you excited to play this game and take your cricket fandom to an altogether different level? If yes, good luck with the game, and hope you win some handsome prizes.

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