The Newest Women Cricket Tournament Created in 2022

What does the women’s cricket tournament entail? The Board of Control created the women’s private tournament for Cricket on May 1st, 2022. The tournament was called T20, which is big enough to accommodate 36 countries. This has served as a platform to grow the host country’s economy. This is because cricketers worldwide are willing to participate in the tournament. Before reading further about it, check for information about tennis, accurate tips, and predictions.


Cricket Stadium. PC: Unsplash
Cricket Stadium. PC: Unsplash

How Does the T20 Cricket Tournament Work?

Cricket Hong Kong is the primary host of the tournament event but was shifted to India due to the COVId-19 circumstance. The team would be recognized internationally, making up six teams. After the International Cricket Council approved the tournament, the privately funded team released the Fairbreak Invitational operations to the public.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) disallowed Indian cricketers to participate in foreign tournaments. Cricket superstars were expected to be present at the tournament event; unfortunately, BCCI declined the India superstars’ invitation. These superstars include Deepti Sharma, Smriti Mandhana, Jemima Rodrigues, Shafali Verma, and Harmanpreet Kaur. Players can only participate in foreign sports when they are no longer active in the India League.

Participation of Talented Cricketers in South Africa

South Africa has previously hosted several cricket tournaments and is well known for its skilled players. Hence, the T20 tournament in Dubai provided South African players an opportunity to earn more through their skills. Since many cricket superstars in South Africa, they helped publicize the tournament event, which took place for two weeks.

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South Africa could boast six talented players from the ninety women allowed to participate in the cricket tournament among 36 countries. According to Pholetsi Moseki, South Africa cricket CEO, the players are a force to be reckoned with. South African cricketers are well recognized in Australia’s Women’s Big Bash League. However, the T20 tournament is not an exception.

A Threat or Progress in Dubai Sports Leagues?

Many arguments surround the effect of the T20 women’s tournament hosting in Dubai. However, more people believe introducing the women-only tournament is for a good cause. This is also to show support for the gender equality movement ongoing in the cricket industry. Women have not had as many privileges as men in the cricket league, which will help bridge the barriers.

Since the tournament is hosted in Hong Kong, it does not hinder other sports in other cities in Dubai. It strengthens Dubai Sports leagues, encouraging them to build more substantial hosting potential. Also, it promotes the Dubai economy, with the potential rise in demand and supply rates.


The women’s cricket tournament proves that sport is not just a game. It fostered unity between participating countries. Also, the main aim of the tournament was well communicated to viewers and interested parties. Hence, both men’s and women’s cricket teams attract more viewers or supporters than ever. Although the BCCI foundation has yet to finalize India cricketers’ involvement in foreign tournaments, other countries are open-minded with it. Top participating countries in South Africa and cricket enthusiasts expect more massive movement in future years.

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