Why is every cricket fan excited about Rario?

Cricket is a game that is close to billions of hearts. While the enthusiastic cricket fans as well as the connoisseurs of the sport would have stored their favorite cricketing moments in their memory bank, now they have a chance to own these special treasures. All thanks to Rario, the world’s first officially licensed digital collectibles platform for cricket, cricket lovers can buy, sell and trade their favorite cricketing moments in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens).


Why is every cricket fan excited about Rario?
Why is every cricket fan excited about Rario?


Rario is founded by Ankit Wadhwa and Sunny Bhanot. This enterprising duo caught the pulse of this booming NFT and blockchain market as they ventured into the cricket NFT space.

So what does Rario do exactly?

Rario has its own product, which is the NFT. An NFT is an exclusive and non-interchangeable unit of data, which includes reproducible digital files like images, videos, as well as audio stored in a digital ledger. These NFTs capture some of the most iconic moments of the cricketers on and off the field. An NFT is one of the most trending things in the market. Owners owning these NFTs can take pride in their ownership. A cricket-related NFT is not only a good investment avenue but also a source of prestige and pride for the owner since he/she can actually own the precious moments of their favourite cricketers. These NFTs are based on blockchain technology and provide fans a chance to claim ownership over their favourite cricketing moments in a tangible and a verifiable way.

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In a nutshell, Rario is an online shop that offers cricket NFTs. You can buy your favorite cricketing moment in the form of NFT and hold it for as long as you like. You can flaunt your collection among your friends. Not just this, you can earn from these NFTs which sell like hot cakes in the market.

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Rario and BlockTrust sign historic deal with Cricket Australia and Australian Cricketers’ Association.
Rario and BlockTrust sign historic deal with Cricket Australia and Australian Cricketers’ Association


Apart from providing a trading platform for cricket NFTs, Rario has a lot of enthralling games. You can play these games, acquire NFTs and also get a chance to meet your favourite cricketer. Rario is an engaging platform as it throws offers for its fans on a regular basis. The game is simple. You have to just follow Rario on its social media handles and take part in their exciting contests, for you never know, you could be that lucky winner to win attractive merchandise.

To date, Rario has signed more than 550 international cricketers coupled with five international leagues. Just recently, they struck a partnership with Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers’ Association which will give Rario and #Rarians access to special moments from Australian cricket. Since its inception in 2021, Rario has sold more than 50,000 NFTs across 20 countries.

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