Women’s Sport: Top 10 Women’s Cricketers of all time

Females have shown outstanding performance in this sport. In 2022 the long-awaited Women’s World Cup will bring excitement for sports fans, with hundreds of thousands of them watching it. New Zealand will be the host of this significant event that was planned to happen in spring. We can’t wait to witness the powerful moves of these ladies.

If you love IPL betting, you know that you should get familiar with the players and their performance. The cricket betting enthusiasts will have a chance to create their strategy, show off their analyzing skills, and predict a precise outcome of the games. In addition, we share the leading ten women’s players!

Cathryn Fitzpatrick

Cathryn Fitzpatrick. PC: Getty Images
Cathryn Fitzpatrick. PC: Getty Images


Cathryn has claimed 240 entrances in her career and is viewed as the best bowler, and her outstanding speed isn’t reachable even for some MLB players. She inspired everyone during the ODI World Cup in 1997 and 2005 respectively.

Mithali Raj

Mithali Raj in action during 1st ODI against New Zealand. PC: Getty Images
Mithali Raj in action during 1st ODI against New Zealand. PC: Getty Images


India has many excellent players, and their stunning performance got them into the last women’s championship final. Mithali Raj is a famous name in Indian cricket, with over 10,000 runs. We can say that she is the female version of the famous Sachin Tendulkar. With so many personal accolades, Raj enjoys colossal popularity even though she hasn’t won an actual multinational award.

Stafanie Taylor

Stafanie Taylor
Stafanie Taylor. Pic Credits: Getty Images


This player hasn’t completed a test match but has sufficiently successful performances to be on this list. Stefanie showed the fans that she could excellently handle both the ball and the bat. One of her famous victories was the T20 World Cup title.

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Belinda Clark

Belinda Clark - Female Cricket
Belinda Clark – Female Cricket. Pic Credits: cricket.com.au


The player brought two world cups as a result of her skills. Her name is proudly introduced in the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame along with Betty Wilson. Despite securing global cups, she hit an ODI double-century.

Rachael Heyhoe-Flint

Rachael-Heyhoe-Flint Female Cricket
Rachael-Heyhoe-Flint Female Cricket


Rachael passed away in 2017, but her name will be remembered for the grand achievements in women’s cricket. She was a captain for England’s women’s team from 1966 to 1978. In 1973, she guided the squad to win the first world cup. It is important to note that she didn’t lose a single test match. However, she wasn’t the only captain of the national team. She proudly participated in the women’s cricket team from 1960 to 1982.

Charlotte Edwards

Charlotte Edwards - Female Cricket
Charlotte Edwards – Female Cricket


Edwards was the road captain of England’s women’s cricket team. Any sports fan would confirm that she was highly successful at her job, leading the team to win three Ashes triumphs. She started at a very young age, only 15 years old, during their first debut.

Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor. PC: Getty Images
Sarah Taylor. PC: Getty Images


Sarah showed excellent performance at keeping the wicket, and no other male or female player can match her skills. And let’s not forget that she is fantastic at batting. Taylor completed 6,000 runs in her career, with 1,000 ODI runs that make her the youngest player that has reached this record. She was pretty close to a debut in 2013 in Surrey. However, she managed to play grade cricket in 2015 in Australia.

Meg Lanning

Meg Lanning. Pic Credits: cricket.com.au
Meg Lanning. Pic Credits: cricket.com.au


Meg started playing cricket at 14 years old, to later become the youngest player ever at only 18. In addition, she proudly captained Australia on the T20 World Cup titles.

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Jhulan Goswami

Jhulan Goswami surpasses Lyn Fullston's Record to Take Most World Cup Wickets. PC: ICC / Getty Images
Jhulan Goswami surpasses Lyn Fullston’s Record to Take Most World Cup Wickets. PC: ICC / Getty Images


Jhulan showed herself as an excellent bowler during their 17-year career. With over 300 wickets under her belt, her magnificent records will be tough to pass. Even though she set the records for overs and maidens in the women’s category, she didn’t obtain an international prize.

Ellyse Perry

Ellyse Perry. PC: Getty Images
Ellyse Perry. PC: Getty Images


Ellyse is a multi-talented woman who has shown her football and cricket skills respectively. She represented her country for the World Cup and is the youngest Australian to play cricket.

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