3 Top Tips for Improving Your Batting Game 

Batting is an absolutely crucial part of cricket as you need to respond to every single thing that the bowler throws at you. You are going to need to be ready for any kind of bowl they deliver and be able to receive it in a way that will score runs. As such, batting practice is very important as these points will massively determine whether or not you and your team win the game. Are you hoping to improve your overall batting game? This article will let you in on some of the absolute best ways that you can do so. 


3 Top Tips for Improving Your Batting Game 
3 Top Tips for Improving Your Batting Game

1. Take a Break 

Whilst you’re working on your fitness, you are going to need to also ensure that you are giving yourself significant time off so that you can properly allow your muscles a moment to recover. This means that every now and then you should ensure that you are giving yourself a day off and not worrying too much about getting better at batting. It can be hard to switch off from something you are so passionate about so a good few tips on how to do so are: 

  • Organize a day trip: You could look up some places nearby that you would like to visit in order to properly have a day where you remove yourself from batting. You will also get to explore your local area in the process. 
  • Game: You can game on one of the popular consoles although if you would rather not spend money on these then you could instead game on your mobile. There are a number of great mobile games out there which include casino games. Some of the best USA high roller online casinos can be found at Gambling 360. 
  • Read: There are a number of great books out there so why not dive into one of them in order to help you relax?
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2. Work On Your Fitness 

The actual practice of batting is of course very important; however, the runs you score are going to be a reflection of much more than that. You are either going to need to be able to get some real distance on the ball by scoring a 4 or 6, or you are going to need to be quick in order to get some runs in between shots. As such, though you should certainly be practicing your batting, you are also going to need to make sure that you are improving your overall fitness. This means that you are going to need to hit the gym, go for runs and generally just improve your fitness levels. 

3. Work On Your Stance 

Batting starts with your stance and as such you need to work on this more than anything else. You should ensure that you have your feet evenly spread and your weight is slightly toward the inside of the front and back of your feet that allow for movement. Be sure to also keep your eyes level and then grip the bat so that the V’s of your thumb and your index finger ends up pointing down toward the back of the bat. 

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