World Cup Attendance and Viewership is going to be challenging : ICC CEO

The men’s and women’s cricket have commonly clashed several times in history. ICC plans to try their best and make sure the schedule between Men’s and Women’s matches won’t clash regularly.


Thornton School's Ava Costello, 9, with the ICC Women's World Cup Trophy at the Rainbow Festival cricket day at Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui. Photo / Jamie Troughton
Thornton School’s Ava Costello, 9, with the ICC Women’s World Cup Trophy at the Rainbow Festival cricket day at Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui. Photo / Jamie Troughton


As the 2022 Women’s World Cup is bound to start, the women’s ICC event will be clashing with the major men’s bilateral events like India vs Sri Lanka test series, England vs West Indies, and Pakistan vs Australia on the 4th of March which will see the 1st World Cup match between New Zealand and West Indies. Also during the Knockout stages, the Women’s matches will be clashing with IPL 2022 which could heavily affect the social media buzz.

Speaking about the clashing schedules, ICC Executive Geoff Allardice said, “Complementary fixtures between men’s and women’s events are something, in an ideal world, that we would love to have greater control over in terms of making sure there’s quality cricket on most days of the year. But the way the men’s calendar and the women’s calendar interact is something we’re trying to work around a lot more closely in the future.”

Allardice also pointed out that, as the tournament is all set go on the floor, the board is fully aware that there might be a major dip in viewership in this edition of the world cup compared to the highly successful 2017 Women’s World Cup as the capacity of the stadium is just 10% and the match broadcast timings being in the early morning for Asian audience who hold a major share in the viewership.

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Over 26,000 Fans attended the Finals of 2017 Women's Cricket World Cup | PC:
Over 26,000 Fans attended the Finals of 2017 Women’s Cricket World Cup | PC:


“Attendance is going to be a little bit challenging with limitations. Hopefully, we’ll have the opportunity to get more people into the ground as the tournament unfolds,” Allardice said about the stadium capacity.

The 2022 Women’s World Cup is set to begin as New Zealand and West Indies take on each other in the first encounter on March 4th at 6.30 AM IST. The tournament will be broadcasted Live on Star Sports Network and Live streaming will be available on Disney+ Hotstar.

News Source: Reuters

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