U19 Women’s Cricket World Cup to start from January 2023, confirms ICC CEO

As world cricket is excited for the start of the 2022 Women’s World Cup on March 4th, ICC Chief Executive Geoff Allardice has announced that the 1st Women’s U19 World Cup will be held in January 2023. Bangladesh will be hosting the inaugural edition.


U19 Women's Cricket World Cup could take place in 2023, says ICC CEO
U19 Women’s Cricket World Cup could take place in 2023, says ICC CEO


In early January 2022, the discussion started on potentially organizing the U19 World Cup for Women. On February 28th, Geoff Allardice officially announced the tournament which will put a huge spotlight on U19 Women. The U19 World Cup will be a great platform for young and aspiring women to showcase their skills at the global level. This tournament will increase the talent pool for all the cricket boards in selecting their national women’s team taking women’s cricket to a whole new level.

Along with this announcement, Allardice also announced the 2023 edition of the Women’s T20 World Cup which will be held in February 2023. South Africa will be the host for the 2023 edition. Australia will come into this tournament as the defending champions as they defeated team India in the previous editions edition of Melbourne in March 2020.

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