How Female Cricket has Developed Throughout the Years

Where the majority of the memorable and historic events in cricket were made by the male side, women’s cricket is catching up with the pace slowly but surely and bringing in more historic moments in the game.

Women’s cricket is already becoming increasingly popular and has reached new heights in recent years. The development of female cricket is making a difference, and women’s cricket is gaining popularity and enjoying the same benefits as male cricket. So, if you like to bet on cricket matches, you should start following some female cricket action too. Cricket fans could have fun enjoying the bet365 bonus code India, for women’s cricket in the future as well. This article will expand your knowledge about the development of female cricket and how they have achieved it.

India vs Australia Women's T20I Series
India vs Australia Women’s T20I Series


The Australian Cricket Board and New Zealand Cricket Board were the first ones to establish a female cricket team in 1934. The popularity spread worldwide and that led women’s cricket to play on a global platform. After a few months, England formed their first female cricket team and went on to Australia to face the Australian female cricket team for three test matches, in which The England women’s cricket team won two matches.

After the England and Australia series, the women’s cricket continued to be played whenever they could afford to go. In 1958 the first Women’s Cricket Council was founded for the betterment of women’s cricket.

The main goal of the council was to act as a bridge between countries and organize more global tours for women. The initial members of the council were England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the Netherlands. Women cricket got more attention and the members of the council grew after India(1973), West Indies(1973), Ireland(1982), Denmark(1983), Pakistan(1997), and Sri Lanka(1997) established their own women cricket organizations.

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Inclusion of Shorter Format

The popularity of cricket has grown to new heights when the T20 format was introduced. T20 cricket also made women’s cricket more popular and started to attract more spectators. In 2004 the first international women’s T20 match was played between New Zealand and England. The famous franchise league of Australia, Big Bash, helped to boost the popularity of women’s cricket when they launched a similar tournament for women.

Women's Big Bash League 2019
Women’s Big Bash League 2021


In 2009 ICC hosted the first-ever Women T20 world cup. The tournament was held concurrently with the men’s competition. The semi Finals and Finals matches took place just after the men’s match which helped to attract more spectators for the women’s match. Thus the Women’s T20 world cup got more media coverage and fame.

Gaining the Attention of Sponsors

The Prize money for Female cricket is also equal to that of men’s cricket because of getting huge viewers for each match. Sponsors are gaining more interest in female cricket because of this. The prize money for the 2020 T20 world cup for both males and females was the same at $1 million. ICC declared that the 50 over format World cup prize pool will also be the same for both men and women.

What’s Next?

Women are already getting a lot of attention in sports, and they’re doing quite well in terms of outcomes. Aside from cricket, female participation in sports such as basketball, football, and badminton has grown and developed in all these sports in recent years.

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