Sky Sports to broadcast ‘Meet The Winfield-Hills’- Featuring sports couple Lauren and Courtney

‘Meet The Winfield-Hills’, a documentary of the famous sports couple Lauren and Courtney Winfield-Hill by Sky Sports will be broadcast today.


Sky Sports to broadcast 'Meet The Winfield-Hills'- Featuring sports couple Lauren and Courtney
Sky Sports to broadcast ‘Meet The Winfield-Hills’- Featuring sports couple Lauren and Courtney


English cricketer Lauren, who was a part of England’s squad that won the 2017 ICC Women’s World Cup, last year married cricketer turned rugby league player, Courtney whom she met as a teammate while playing for the Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) team, Brisbane Heat. Born in Queensland, Courtney who played the role of a pace bowler for Australia’s Women National Cricket League (WNCL) representing Queensland Fire and for Brisbane Heats in WBBL switched to playing rugby league for Leeds Rhino on coming to England in 2018 and along with it also is a coaching staff for Northern Diamonds (who replaced Lauren led Women’s Cricket Super League (WCSL) team Yorkshire Diamonds last year after changes to the structure of women’s domestic cricket in England) and thus helping Lauren to improve her game.

Ahead of December 8 which will be marked as Rainbow Laces both cricket and rugby showed solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community by holding their own Rainbow Laces rounds during their respective 2021 seasons.

Sky Sports shared excerpts from the interview with the couples on their website in which opened up on the fear of society following their same-sex relationship, Courtney said.

“I wasn’t excluded, but the experience of others made me feel like I was going to be,”

“It kind of put in the back of your mind ‘I’m about to talk with family and friends about this; Am I going to experience difficult conversations? Be feeling excluded?’

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“Sometimes you make up these narratives in your own head, but it was actually the complete opposite. I was at a place where I was comfortable and if I was comfortable with that, then I wasn’t really worried if others weren’t,” he added.

Further giving her opinion on the campaign which she considers as an essential step for making people feel a sense of safe community and a sense of belonging.

While Lauren believes that the story of players like her and her wife, will give hope to the youngsters to pursue their desires and be accepted.

“They want to connect with people who are like them,”

“I never had that when I was a kid and I think it’s much more powerful when you can have that human side of it, to be looking up to people who are familiar and who are similar to you,” she said.

The full interview would air on Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports Cricket on Monday, December 6.


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