Learn how leaderboards makes a difference between Gamezop and GetMega

We have been blessed with the power of technology, and it is continuously evolving as the day passes. The technology has already made its mark on the gaming industry and keeps on refining it. The gaming industry has been expanding throughout the globe. Throughout the history of gaming, it is visible that the world of gaming is through a constant revolution, especially after online gaming has been introduced.

Online gaming

From the era of arcade games, the whole gaming industry has made its way to the era of online games. Computer programming and information technology play an important role in this. Technology has made it possible for almost everyone to enjoy games with the help of smartphones and the internet. Thus the craze of online gaming has increased dramatically over the past few years.


Leaderboards have become an integral part of online games
Leaderboards have become an integral part of online games


Leaderboards have become an integral part of online games

Introduction of Leaderboards

Anyone who has played a game is familiar with the term “leaderboards”. The word Leaderboards in the gaming industry is used to signify a list of players with their ranks in the game. The leaderboards often help the players, who play for various titles or special in-game items, to know where they’re standing and what strategy they must devise in order to become a top player.

Leaderboards are mainly considered as an element of gamification. Online games are built with several infrastructures and designs to boost up the overall gameplay, player engagement, productivity, competitiveness and so on. And leaderboards are one of such inbuilt designs found in games that have been there since the inception of the game “Pinball”.

Nowadays, there are online gaming apps like GetMega, Gamezop which provide excellent examples of leaderboard designs and development. These apps provide different types of leaderboards. Such as

    • Task-based leaderboards
    • 24×7 leaderboards
    • Event-based leaderboards
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Different websites, games and gaming apps use different leaderboards systems.

How leaderboards are helping

The designing and gaming aspects of leaderboards directly affect the player’s gameplay. A leaderboard enhances the game dramatically and even increases the engagement of the players with the game through social comparison.

  • A leaderboard is a gaming element that helps to summarize the competition in the game with visualization
  • The leaderboards help to ease the competition
  • It helps the players to set a goal (if that is what they’re trying to achieve)
  • It helps track the progress of the player when compared with other players
  • It even helps in social comparison
  • The leaderboards are mostly used as platforms for players to be recognized by others
  • The leaderboards help in denoting the players who are eligible for special rewards (as mentioned in the game)

Key features of Leaderboards in GetMega and Gamezop

There are several characteristic features of leaderboards that are elementary for both GetMega and Gamezop. Some of them are:

  • Enhances overall performance: being robust and scalable, it helps in handling a large number of player entries of both games.
  • Ranking: One of the main features of Leaderboards is to sort players according to gameplay and performance.
  • Time schedule: Leaderboards, if configured correctly has a property to keep the time-relative metrics in check ( with the help of built-in intervals depending on the game)
  • Boosting the attributes: Leaderboards has the feature to be enriched with sufficient player information without affecting the rankings; thus helping in keeping track of the game and its conditions
  • Social integration: authentication with social networks helps produce personalized leaderboards (based on real-life player social groups)
  • Cross-platform: With the enhanced technology, data transfer through many platforms is now possible; now, leaderboards have the cross-platform feature, which helps the game’s data to travel through and from any player’s device and platform.
  • Personalization: Nowadays, many games offer personalized leaderboards, which can be based on guilds, team members etc.
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Leaderboards: GetMega vs Gamezop

GetMega is one of the most popular gaming apps that offer games in three categories: casual, card and trivia. These games are subdivided as Poker, GoPool, Rummy, Carrom etc. Since it is an online gaming app, where the leaderboards refresh hourly and reset weekly, that is why the app uses a 24×7 leaderboard. This type of leaderboard helps the players to know how much they have to score more or less to win attractive rewards based on their rankings. The rewards for the players vary from mobile devices, gold coins, popular electronic gadgets and up to ₹100,000 in cash.

On the other hand, Gamezop uses a leaderboard which is a bit different from GetMega. Their leaderboard is dependent on the in-game events, which is counted from the moment the event starts till it ends. Thus, based on these counts, the top players are selected and recognized as the leader of the event. These types of leaderboards show the ranking after the game/event ends.

In other words, leaderboards are used to define the end game show who is “winning”. There are several gaming apps like GetMega, Gamezop which provide fantastic gameplay in addition to event-based and lucrative leaderboard prizes.

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