Jemimah Rodrigues shares her thoughts on Fitness standards and Playing Experience in The Hundred

Recently in conversation with Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, on the show – “What’s up with Women’s Cricket”, Jemimah Rodrigues shared her experience of how it was like, playing in the first-ever edition of The Hundred.


Ravi Ashwin in chat with Jemimah Rodrigues
Ravi Ashwin in chat with Jemimah Rodrigues


Jemimah was a part of the Northern Superchargers’ squad in The Hundred and also scored the highest score of the season in the form of an innings of 92*.

Being a part of a diverse squad made her realize the perspective of fitness of other international players. She disclosed how differently fitness and pre-match warm-ups are treated in the Indian set-up and the other foreign ones.

In response to Ashwin’s question regarding playing leagues around the world, she said – “When I came here and saw these girls and they were lifting 60kg for just a priming session. And here, my full go-to strength session would be around 35kg. That’s where I can completely relate to your IPL experience. If I was not here, I would not know what it is, and I might have been with that limited mindset, that I need to be safe with my routine just before the match.”

After looking from a different point of view, she said she now knows what quality fitness standards are and will be working on improving herself – “So now I started doing the priming session every time. Maybe I don’t lift as much as them. Soon I will because I know what the fitness standards are, and if I need to set an example when I go back there to India for the people looking up to me, I need to reach there (the fitness levels of foreign players), I can’t stay at my level. So since I started doing it, I didn’t find any difference. I was not tired during the games. Those are the small things you learn here.”

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She will soon be in action in the upcoming India tour of Australia series starting September 21st, 2021

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