PCB announces Parental Support Policy for cricketers

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Tuesday 4th May 2021 announced their Parental Support Policy for both women and men players so as to brace the professional cricketers during their journey of parenthood. A woman player required time for herself and her family during her pregnancy and even post the birth of her child. One needs to balance their personal and professional life during these times.


Pakistan Women's Cricket Team
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As part of the new Parental Support Policy, the players have been granted a number of rights that they can exercise during the maternity or paternity period. The policy reads as follows-

  1. Women cricketers have the option to transfer to a non-playing role until the commencement of their maternity leave leading up to the birth of their child.
  2. The women players will be entitled to a 12-month-long paid maternity leave, followed by their contract being extended for the next year.
  3. After the successful culmination of their maternity leave, the player will re-join their team and will be provided with a medical acquaintance as well as physical support to take care of their child.
  4. While traveling with the child for cricketing activities alongside the team, the woman player will be assisted by a support person and the cost of travel and accommodation will be shared equally between the player and the PCB.

Here’s what PCB Chief Executive Wasim Khan said about the decision-

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“The PCB has a duty of care towards its cricketers and at every turn, it has taken measures to support them. In this relation, it is appropriate that we have a player-friendly parental support policy so that our professional cricketers can feel fully supported during an important stage in their lives, without worrying about their careers.”

“To have this policy for our women cricketers was even more significant. Women play a pivotal role in the development of society and our women cricketers have brought us laurels and recognition on the world stage. Now that we have a maternity leave policy, I am hopeful that it will attract more women and girls to take up the sport as this will help them strike the crucial work-life balance,” he concluded.

(Source: PCB)

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