Indian Army and Pune’s Aseem foundation organized women’s cricket tournament in Anantnag

One of the most desired initiatives for any sport is increasing its reach in the masses. The game of cricket has grown throughout the Indian subcontinent in this similar fashion. There are diehard followers of players like MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli in every locality of the country. We, at Female Cricket, have been advocating the introduction of women’s cricket to regional or local strata of the society.

© UNFPA Nepal/Santosh Chhetri
© UNFPA Nepal/Santosh Chhetri

A piece of heartening news makes its way to us from the distant lands of Jammu and Kashmir. Pune based ASEEM foundation and the glorious Indian Army 19 Rashtriya Rifles have recently organized a women’s cricket tournament at Sports stadium Dooru Shahabad in Anantnag. Four women teams from District Anantnag and District Kulgam showcased their skill in the tournament.

It is interesting to note that matches saw a “large number of” spectators and particularly girls. The participation and interest showed by girls in these matches add a boost to women’s cricket in the state. As mentioned above, the matches were in association with the Indian Army and its initiative to bring women closer to sports in the region. Rashtriya Rifles and the Indian Army believe that locals and particularly the women in the region need a platform to sharpen their skills to help them stand in front of national and international crowds.

Women Cricketers of the district Kulgam and Anantnag have appreciated the initiative undertaken by the Indian Army. They reiterate that tournaments like these provide players with the opportunity to enhance their sporting skills and curate them for national and international stages.

Ranji player Rubiya Syed said that “The matches organized by the Indian Army aim at giving a chance to the girls who are talented to learn in the academy in Pune where they will be taught by experts. It is a moment of happiness for us”.

Muhammad Iqbal from BDC or Dooru Block Development Council added that these tournaments further the attempts of empowering women in the district.

He said that “I would like to thank 19 RR for organizing the tournament for girls that will help in empowering them in the district. I am very happy that girls from Anantnag and Kulgam are taking part in this event. Now women empowerment in Jammu and Kashmir is visible on the ground”.

Sarang Gosavi went a step ahead and announced that interested players who wish to see themselves in sports can get an opportunity to be sponsored by the ASEEM foundation for their sporting and educational ventures.

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Anantnag and other districts in Kashmir have been severely affected by acts of terror. Initiatives like these from heroes like Rashtriya Rifles can only work towards restoring normalcy while promoting the women’s game at the same time.

Shubham Kumar

A student who enjoys studying cricket more than anything else, keen to learn the insights of the women’s game.

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