Danielle Wyatt recalls her first meeting with Sachin Tendulkar and Arjun Tendulkar

Cricket is every child’s dream. This statement further turns into universal truth when the Indian subcontinent is anywhere near. The game is a religion in the region. Life for every child is tough, to say the least. The sheer number of aspirants translates into the cutthroat competition. The pressure mounts on the child but things get escalated massively when you are a cricketer’s kid. There are expectations of the kid to do something similar to his or her parents. Moreover, things don’t get better when your dad is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

The man is a demi-god for anyone who knows how to hold a Cricket bat. Arjun Tendulkar is different from a little master. Sachin used to bury teams with a textbook straight drive but Arjun bats with the left hand and is a talent distinct from all preconceptions. A recent report highlights the English star Danielle Wyatt sharing her experience of facing Arjun Tendulkar.


Danielle Wyatt with Arjun Tendulkar
Danielle Wyatt with Arjun Tendulkar. Pic Credits: Instagram


There have been several occasions when Arjun Tendulkar has been sighted assisting net sessions of Indian and English cricketers with his pace. He has also bowled to the female cricketers of these countries. Interestingly, Arjun spends around two months in the United Kingdom every year and has a friendly relation with some English cricketers.

Recently, English batter Danielle Wyatt revealed that Arjun has gotten faster with age. Moreover, she said that he was getting dangerous to face. In an interaction with cricket.com, she said that: “Whenever I bump into Sachin or Arjun or whenever they come to Lord’s to train, I go to the nets and ask him (Arjun) to bowl with the new ball to me. But he is getting very quick now. He always says I will bounce you and knock your head off so I don’t like him bowling to me anymore.”

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Danielle Wyatt with Sachin Tendulkar and his son Arjun in 2012. (Twitter Photo)
Danielle Wyatt with Sachin Tendulkar and his son Arjun in 2012. (Twitter Photo)


Recalling her first interaction with Arjun and Sachin, Danielle turns to Lord’s. The year was 2009 or 2010. She was a part of MCC young cricketers and Sachin was training with his son in the nets. She recalled that Arjun would have been ten years old at that time and Danielle bowled to him when they met first.

Sachin was in Australia for the Women’s T20 cricket world cup earlier this year and Danielle had a chance to meet him there. Danielle says: They are a lovely family. Arjun’s mom is also lovely. Recently, I bumped into Sachin in Australia during the World Cup,” she added. The game, along with other traits of the world, has gone global too. Genders and regions don’t really matter nowadays as long as your performance is top-notch.

News Source: Umaima Saeed for cricket.com

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