Is the future of Indian women’s cricket bright?

In India, the cricket fans consider this game as a national game. A huge fan following for cricket is available in India. But the popularity of the cricket team still depends on gender. The men’s cricket team is more popular than a women cricket team. One can see reviews of cricket betting online sites. But the time is going to change. The Indian cricket academy (BCCI) started promoting the women team after some impressive victories. Recently the National Cricket Academy arranged a camp for selecting and encouraging the women team players in Hyderabad. Nayan Mongia and Rajkumar Sharma have promoted the players as their coaches and taught them some skills to play well in their upcoming tournaments. They both trained some new players who are going to debut in International cricket matches. After the camp, they both shared their experiences and reviews of that campaign. Their reviews can predict the future of the Indian women’s cricket team.

Indian Women's Cricket Team
Indian Women’s Cricket Team. Photo Credit: AP

Future of Indian women cricket team:

1. Nayan Mongia opinion

Nayan Mongia said he had selected the 12 players to improve their playing skills.
He noticed that the women’s team has a lack of strength. Mongia told that they are excellent learner, but they have to focus on their fitness. In the running match, the team has to end up making mistakes because this will make you lose concentration. He also requests their state government to provide them with facilities to improve their playing skills so that they can come back with better preparation. Hemali Borwankar, Tanya Bhatia, Sweta Verma and Prema Paul have impressed Mongia by their playing skills. Mongia said some of the girls are late starters, but the national cricket academy doing its best to provide them such facilities.

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2. Rajkumar Sharma opinion

Rajkumar Sharma trained six leg spinners, four off-spinners in this camp. He said that the girls of the team are having excellent skills and ready to represent the country. In his opinion, the batsman needs more power to hit the spinners so that he focused on the spin bowling skills of the Women cricket team. Radha Yadav, Preeti Bose, Sushree Pradhan and Fatima Jaffer are some players who impressed Rajkumar Sharma. Sharma said these girls are perfect but need some excellent coaches for state-level games so that they could debut very soon in the international matches.

3. Previous Records

Indian women’s cricket team is on the fourth rank of top ten international teams who win the highest matches. Indian women’s cricket team has played 270 games still and gets victory in 149 games. The team gets defeat in just 116 games. This record is excellent and can justify their hard work. The Australasian women’s cricket team is standing on the first position of this list. But the hard work for improving the playing skills of Indian girls can increase their ranks very soon.

4. Mix gender IPL tournament

A few days ago, the national cricket academy also discussed women’s Indian Premier League tournament. Most of the famous and well-known players put their interest in this idea. Mithali raj and Harman Preet Kaur have said they are open to the idea of playing mixed-gender matches in the future. They said there is a lot of misconception that the women cannot play fast bowling. But this is wrong; they also get training and played a lot of matches against boys. The debate of the genders in sports has been for the longest time. But in the future, we can watch some mixed-gender cricket tournaments. The national cricket academy also started working on this to encourage the girls of the Indian cricket team.

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Most of the girls put interest in this career.

After watching Harmanpreet Kaur, mithai raj and the whole Indian women cricket team, many of the teenagers are started looking for a career in this field. The national cricket academy is also going to allow the new players. As per Mithali Raj word’s, the girls still not getting a similar payment and facilities which the boy’s team is getting. But very soon we are going to become similar to them. These words encouraged new players. State governments are also working for this purpose so that the girls from their state can play in international matches.

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