Katherine Brunt and Natalie Sciver reveals their Wedding and Cricket Plan

Lockdown seems to have an unprecedented impact on humanity. It is for the first time that microcosm has directed the lives of mankind in such a manner. A pause has worked it’s way into sporting events. Cricket is no exception. The Indian Premier League is a dream now and bilateral clashes are distant in June.

In a report from England, we witness how the personal lives of players are affected as well. The English couple Natalie Sciver and Katherine Brunt have postponed their wedding in the light of pandemic. The couple had announced their engagement last year and had a wedding waiting for them on September 19 this year. The venue for the wedding was France but the fatal outbreak of novel coronavirus in Europe has made the internationals postpone their wedding.


Katherine Brunt, Nat Sciver with their New Puppy. Credits: Screengrab from BBC Sport
Katherine Brunt, Nat Sciver. Credits: Screengrab from BBC Sport


They wanted their family members, their friends, and the teammates to witness the event but the gathering seems impossible as social and physical distancing seems to be the only way to flatten the curve. Katherine Brunt told BBC sports that “At the minute we’re looking into a registry office. I know it’s corny and all that, but it’s nice. We’re going to wait until you can have a minimum of 10 people there and make it just a really nice, cute, personal get together. That takes all the pressure off trying to make it happen when the future is completely unknown”.

Interestingly, the couple had planned their wedding in summer that included limited-overs series against South Africa and India. The season was supposed to end on 16th September. The maid of honor for Katherine Brunt would be her close friend Amy Jones. She added: “But my maid of honor is Amy Jones. There was talk of myself, Natalie and Amy not being part of any cricket this year so that we would have the opportunity to stick with our plans and go ahead with the wedding, but it’s just too much of a dent. Releasing Amy would not have been the right thing to do for England cricket”.

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Katherine Brunt, Nat Sciver with their New Puppy. Credits: Screengrab from BBC Sport
Katherine Brunt, Nat Sciver with their New Puppy. Credits: Screengrab from BBC Sport


In the chat with BBC, the routine of the international star came out too. In the lockdown, they are joined by their new puppy. They are busy with a new bookshelf too. It is inspiring for fans to witness stars adjusting to the societal norms and not complaining. People should focus on making the best of isolation and live a life as positive as possible.

News Source: Amy Lofthouse for BBC Sport

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