Megan Schutt has criticised James Pattinson and Marcus Stoinis for homophobic slur

Megan Schutt is pitiful upon the contradictory thinking that the people have in this modern time.


Megan Schutt, Glenn Maxwell, James Pattinson. (Photo Source: Getty Images)
Megan Schutt, Glenn Maxwell, James Pattinson. (Photo Source: Getty Images)


In the recently concluded Big Bash League (BBL), Australian Stoinis pointed out homophobic slur at his teammate Kane Richardson. For this, he was criticized worldwide and had to pay a fine of AUD7500 for his unethical actions. The all-rounder was pleaded guilty to the Cricket Australia’s code of conduct level two charge of using personally abusive language. He later apologized for the same to everyone. This incident happened when the Melbourne Stars contested against Melbourne Renegades on 4th January.

Similarly, Victorian fast bowler, Pattinson has been found guilty of the same homophobic slur. This happened during a Sheffield Shield clash. He was found guilty of a code of conduct breach for personal abuse of a player during fielding in the clash against Queensland. He was further banned from playing in the first Test against Pakistan at home.

Reacting to the sanctions against the two Australian cricketers, Schutt, who has been an advocate of LGBTQ rights, said she was disappointed.

“I think it’s important to talk about it,” Schutt was quoted as saying by Sydney Morning Herald.

“I wasn’t angry as much as I was disappointed, which is such a bad thing to say. It’s disappointing that we still use that language, and I don’t believe that those boys actually are homophobic, I truly don’t. And they wouldn’t be saying it with that intent, but they’re still using the wrong words. Why can’t you just call someone a di****ad?”

Schutt further said that she has never been attacked for being a lesbian and states that men are more prone to face such abuse being gay rather than lesbians. Schutt, however, had faced several online attacks after she came out as a lesbian and got married to her girlfriend Jess Hollyoake in March 2019.

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“I haven’t been attacked for being a lesbian but I know men that have been for being gay. And the fact that it’s always men that are still using those derogatory terms is the most disappointing part of it because they’re going to have gay friends, whether they’re out to them or not,” she said.

“It was a pretty horrible thing. I remember putting out a rainbow flag (it represents LGBT pride) on our balcony and Jess didn’t want to have that up there at the time. She said, what if someone targets our house because of that?. And I said, ‘We can’t hide, this is a time to show support for everyone else around us’. No one who is trying to fight for same-sex marriage is having a good time right now so we need to stick together more than ever,” added Schutt.

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