Summary: Day 4 of Women’s U-23 T20 Trophy 2019-20

Date and Day: 16th November 2019, Saturday

52nd Match: Bihar vs Assam (Judges Field, Guwahati)

Assam Women’s team won the match quite comfortably as they chase 48 runs in mere 7 overs after Bihar set up a target of minimal 48 runs. Brief Scores – Assam 49/1 in 7 overs (41-Shweta Sehrawat & Nivedita -1 for 3) Defeated Bihar in 48/8 in 20 overs (20- Aarya Seth & Nibedita Baruah 3 for 10) by 85 runs.

53rd Match: Railways vs Cricket Association of Uttrakhand (NFRSA Ground, Guwahati)

In a low scoring match where Railways Women’s Team put up a below-par score 107 runs for the opponents to chase but all credit to their bowlers as they defended this low score successfully. Brief Scores – Railways 107/8 in 20 overs (26-Gaddam & Pooja Raj -2 for 20) Defeated Uttrakhand 64/8 in 20 overs ( 15-Kanchan Parihar & Nirupama Baro 2 for 7) by 43 runs.

54th Match: Andhra Pradesh vs Himanchal (RVR & JC college ground, Guntur)

Andhra Women’s team Defeated Himanchal by 7 wickets by chasing a below-par score of 70 runs in 9.2 overs. Brief Scores – Andhra 74/3 in 9.2 overs (29-Jhansi Challa & Preeti Khalon-1 for 20) Defeated Himachal 70/9 in 20 overs ( 37-Tajinder & Chandra Gadwal 3 for 7) by 7 wickets.

55th Match: Bengal vs Goa (RVR & JC college ground, Guntur)

Bengal Women’s team bowlers outperformed Goa by sending all the batters back to the pavilion with a double-digit score. Brief Scores – Bengal 66/0 in 13.3 overs (42-Ambika Guha) Won over Goa 64/6 in 20 overs (21-Sayani & Nisha Maji- 2 for 8) by 10 wickets.

56th Match: Cricket Association of Mizoram vs Tamil Nadu (Siechem Stadium, Puducherry)

57th Match: Cricket Association of Pondicherry vs Mumbai
Venue: CAP Ground 2, Puducherry

58th Match: Karnataka vs J&K (Alur Cricket Stadium III, Bangalore)
Karnataka Women’s team emerged as winners in this match against J&K as the side showed a powerful overall performance and helped the team to win very economically. Brief Scores – Karnataka 173/4 in 20 overs (60-Subha Satish & Nadia-3 for 22) defeated J&K 34/8 in 19.5 overs (9- Sonika Raina & Monica Patel – 5 for 2) by 138 runs.

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59th Match: Meghalaya vs Vidarbha (Alur Cricket Stadium III, Bangalore)

Vidarbha’s Women’s team outperformed economically by sending back all the batters of Meghalaya with a double-digit score and emerged victorious. Brief Scores – Vidarbha 145/3 in 20 overs (42- Pragini Chauhan & Daiaka-1 for 17) defeated Meghalaya 29/10 in 19.3 overs (16- Neha Hajong & Nupur Kohale -3 for 9) by 116 runs.

60th Match: Baroda vs Gujarat (Shastri Medan, Anand)

Gujarat Women’s team displayed one side performance with their dominance over Baroda in this contest. Brief Scores – Gujarat 66/2 in 12.5 overs (22- Simran Patel & Gayatri Naik -1 for 19) won over Baroda 64/7 in 20 overs (23- Richa Patel & Krutikaben 2 for 5) by 8 wickets.

62nd Match: Kerala vs Tripura (Judges Field, Guwahati)

In yet another low scoring game for the day, Kerala’s Women’s team bowlers helped the side to defend their low score and win over Tripura. Brief Scores – Kerala 115/6 in 20 overs (53- Mrudhula Suresh & Suravi Roy-3 for 22)defeated Tripura 105/8 in 20 overs (39- Jhumki Debnath & Minnu Mani -3 for 23) by 10 runs.

63rd Match: Arunanchal Pradesh vs Chhatisgarh (RVR & JC college ground, Guntur)

Below par score in the first innings, helped Chhattisgarh to take on Arunanchal down really easily. All credits to their bowling unit. Brief Scores – Chhattisgarh 37/3 in 3.1 overs (14- Tejal & Dayum Popi-2 for 12) won over Arunanchal 33/8 in 20 overs (14- Megha Sharma & Shivani Yadav -4 for 6) by 7 wickets.

64th Match: Chandigarh vs Odisha (RVR & JC college ground, Guntur)

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Chandigarh Women’s team paved their to victory over Odisha by 7 wickets in this game. Brief Scores – Chandigarh 115/3 in 19.5 overs (47- Amanjot Kaur & Indrani-2 for 23) won over Odisha 111/5 in 20 overs (42- Kajal Jena & Amanjot Kaur -1 for 13) by 7 wickets.

65th Match: Hyderabad vs Sikkim (CAP Ground 2, Puducherry)

Hyderabad Women’s team showed an all-round performance. The batters and bowlers contributed to the satisfying victory over Maharashtra by a big margin. Brief Scores – Hyderabad 52/0 in 6.3 overs (26- Ramya Doli) won over Maharashtra 49/6 in 16 overs (24- Sarojini Giri & Bhogi-3 for 3) by 10 wickets.

66th Match: Maharashtra vs Rajasthan (Siechem Stadium, Puducherry)

In yet another low scoring game for the day, Maharashtra’s Women’s team bowlers helped the side to win over Rajasthan. Brief Scores – Maharashtra 68/10 in 16.4 overs (12- Kashmira & Siddhi Sharma-4 for 14) defeated Rajasthan 43/8 in 17 overs (22-Ayushi Garg & Priyanka Sahoo -4 for 7) by 25 runs.

67th Match: Punjab vs Uttar Pradesh (Alur Cricket Stadium III, Bangalore)

In this game, Punjab Women’s Team clinched victory by defeating Uttar Pradesh by 15 runs. Brief Scores – Punjab 112/8 in 20 overs (36- Kanika Ahuja & Rashi Kanojiya-3 for 12) defeated Uttar Pradesh 97/8 in 20 overs (50- Anjali Singh & Mannat Kashyap-2 for 17) by 15 runs.

68th Match: Jharkhand vs Saurashtra (Shastri Medan, Anand)

Jharkhand Women’s team showed an all-round performance. The batters and bowlers contributed equally to lead the side to a victory over Saurashtra. Brief Scores – Jharkhand 106/3 in 20 overs (40- Sonia Shyam & Megha Tanna-1 for 11) defeated Saurashtra 55/10 in 20 overs (14- Megha Tanna & Arti Kumari-2 for 2) by 51 runs.

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