Schedule of U-23 Women’s T20 Trophy 2019-20

U-23 Women’s T20 Trophy 2019-20 has begun from 12th November and the finale will be played on 5th December. Around 17 matches are played on the scheduled days.

Match-1 Assam vs Delhi
Match-2 Railways vs Tripura
Match-3 Bengal vs Odisha
Match-4 Chattisgarh vs Himanchal
Match-5 Mizoram vs Pondicherry
Match-6 Hyderabad vs Rajasthan
Match-7 J&K vs Madhya Pradesh
Match-8 Punjab vs Vidarbha
Match-9 Baroda vs Haryana
Match-10 Manipur vs Saurashta
Match-11 Bihar vs Kerala
Match-12 Andhra vs Arunanchal
Match-13 Chandigarh vs Goa
Match-14 Maharashtra vs Sikkim
Match-15 Mumbai vs Tamil Nadu
Match-16 Karnataka vs Meghalaya
Match-17 Gujarat vs Jharkhand

November 13:
Match-18 Bihar vs Railways
Match-19 Delhi vs Kerala
Match-20 Andhra vs Goa
Match-21 Chandigarh vs Himanchal
Match-23 Maharashtra vs Tamil Nadu
Match- 24 Karnataka vs Punjab
Match- 25 Uttar Pradesh vs Vidarbha
Match- 26 Gujarat vs Manipur
Match- 27 Haryana vs Jharkhand
Match- 28 Cricket Association of Uttrakhand vs Tripura
Match-29 Andhra Pradesh vs Bangladesh
Match-30 Chhatisgarh vs Odisha
Match -31 Cricket Association Pondicherry vs Hyderabad
Match-32 Mumbai vs Rajasthan
Match-34 Nagaland vs Saurashtra

Match-35 Bihar vs Tripura
Match-36 Delhi vs Cricket Association of Uttrakhand
Match-37 Arunanchal Pradesh vs Himanchal
Match-38 Bengal vs Chandigarh
Match-39 Cricket Association of Mizoram vs Mumbai
Match-40 Cricket Association of Pondicherry vs Tamil Nadu
Match-41 J&K vs Punjab
Match-43 Gujarat vs Saurashtra
Match-44 Haryana vs Nagaland
Match-45 Assam vs Railways
Match-46 Andhra vs Chattisgarh
Match-47 Goa vs Odisha
Match-48 Hyderabad vs Maharashtra
Match-49 Sikkim vs Rajasthan
Match-50 Karnataka vs Vidarbha
Match-51 Baroda vs Manipur

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Match-52 Assam vs Bihar
Match-53 Railways vs Cricket Association of Uttrakhand
Match-54 Andhra vs Himachal
Match-55 Bengal vs Goa
Match-56 Cricket Association of Mizoram vs Tamil Nadu
Match-57 Cricket Association of Pondicherry vs Mumbai
Match-58 J&K vs Karnataka
Match-59 Meghalaya vs Vidarbha
Match-60 Baroda vs Gujarat
Match-62 Kerala vs Tripura
Match-63 Arunachal Pradesh vs Chhattisgarh
Match-64 Chandigarh vs Odisha
Match-65 Hyderabad vs Sikkim
Match-66 Maharashtra vs Rajasthan
Match-67 Punjab vs Uttar Pradesh
Match-68 Jharkhand vs Saurashtra

Match-69 Assam vs Tripura
Match-70 Kerala vs Cricket Association of Uttrakhand
Match-71 Arunanchal Pradesh vs Odisha
Match-72 Chandigarh vs Chhatisgarh
Match-73 Cricket Association of Mizoram vs Hyderabad
Match-74 Cricket Association of Pondicherry vs Rajasthan
Match-75 J&K vs Vidarbha
Match-76 Karnataka vs Madhya Pradesh
Match-77 Baroda vs Saurashtra
Match-78 Jharkhand vs Nagaland
Match-79 Bihar vs Delhi
Match-80 Andhra Pradesh vs Bengal
Match-81 Goa vs Himachal
Match-82 Maharashtra vs Mumbai
Match-83 Sikkim vs Tamil Nadu
Match-85 Gujarat vs Haryana

November 19
Match-86 Assam vs Kerala
Match-88 Arunanchal Pradesh vs Goa
Match-89 Bengal vs Chhatisgarh
Match-90 Cricket Association of Mizoram vs Maharashtra
Match-91 Hyderabad vs Mumbai
Match-92 J&K vs Meghalaya
Match-93 Madhya Pradesh vs Punjab
Match-94 Baroda vs Jharkhand
Match-95 Gujarat vs Nagaland
Match-96 Delhi vs Railways
Match-97 Andhra Pradesh vs Chandigarh
Match-98 Himachal Pradesh vs Odisha
Match-100 Tamil Nadu vs Rajasthan
Match-101 Karnataka vs Uttar Pradesh
Match-102 Haryana vs Manipur

November 21
Match-103 Delhi vs Tripura
Match-104 Kerala vs Railways
Match-105 Andhra Pradesh vs Odisha
Match-107 Cricket Association of Mizoram vs Rajasthan
Match-108 Cricket Association of Pondicherry vs Maharashtra
Match-109 J&K vs Uttar Pradesh
Match-110 Madhya Pradesh vs Vidarbha
Match-111 Haryana vs Saurashtra
Match-112 Jharkhand vs Manipur
Match-113 Assam vs Cricket Association of Uttrakhand
Match-114 Bengal vs Himachal Pradesh
Match-115 Chhatisgarh vs Goa
Match-116 Hyderabad vs Tamil Nadu
Match-117 Mumbai vs Sikkim
Match-118 Meghalaya vs Punjab
Match-119 Baroda vs Nagaland

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There are qualifying matches from here on. and the final to be played on 5th December.

Source : BCCI

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