Match Summary – Day 6 of Thailand Women’s T20 Smash 2019

This day saw some really unbelievable matches with the teams who were facing problems and tough competition from the other teams, have a come back and make through this crucial stage of the tournament.This indeed was a result of the sporting spirit  and the willingness to win the tournament  to create milestones and make the country proud.All best performances are outcomes situations and last chances to prove themselves!

Match Summary - Day 6 of Thailand Women's T20 Smash 2019

The matches played today were:

1.Nepal Women vs Indonesia Women

2.Malaysia Women vs Myanmar Women

3.Thailand Women vs UAE Women

4.Hong  Kong Women vs Thailand A Women


Nepal Women vs Indonesia Women:9:30 (local time) at Terdthai Cricket Ground,Bangkok


It was again a spectacular performance by the Nepal Women and who also  got through the semi finals this time.The way they have been in this tournament shows their place in the women’s cricket on another level in the near future.Surely this team is going to leave behind remarkable achievements on the sands of time.

The match view:

Indonesia Women won the toss and elected to field first.Nepal who got the opportunity to bat first and establish a good score put up a total of 119 runs at a loss of 3 wickets in 20 overs.As always the team was able to capture the match with some really good partnerships and among which was again SR Magar who consistently has been performing well in this tournament.She contributed 48 runs to the total.Indonesia Women who were to chase a target of 120 runs in 120 balls fell short by a big number of 92 runs.Their score card stood at 27 all out in 11.1 overs.The team’s complete batting line;the top,middle and the lower one wasn’t able to make a good run chase for the team.They all collapsed very soon facing the Nepal bowling attack which didn’t let them open up on the pitch even a bit.With the batting partnerships being not set on the pitch and no single among them being able to  handle the situation, the whole team had a steep fall.RC Belbashi was the face of the match;a splendid performance with the ball which made all the difference( 3.1 overs,2 runs,2 maidens,4 wickets).

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3rd  Place Play Off :

Myanmar Women vs Malaysia Women:9:30 (local time) at Asian Institute of Technology Ground,Bangkok


This was just the match to watch.It held the hearts of the audience till the game ended as it ended in the second last ball of the innings!It really had a nail biting finish and really good cricket was played between the two teams.

The match view:

Malaysia Women won the toss and elected to field first.They put a score of 100/6 in 20 overs.They received a good fight from the other team which consistently tried to make the conditions difficult for them.Malaysia, trying to convert the pressure from the bowling attack into opportunities did face some difficulties but were able to make a considerable total.Myanmar Women who had faced some difficulties playing opposite to some dominating teams,  this time reacted with a reverse reaction and showed a good attempt with their bowling strategy.Myanmar had to chase 101 in 20 overs, which they chased too in 19.5 overs ,but which was just the second last ball of the innings!Their score was 101/6 in 19.5 overs.They experienced some quick fall of wickets but never gave up on the efforts to give their best till the end ,which indeed proved to be in the favour of them.It is truly said that cricket is a very unpredictable game.This match explains the statement rightly!



Thailand Women vs UAE Women:13:30 (local time) at Terdthai Cricket Ground,Bangkok


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Thailand Women won the toss and elected to bat first.They put a score of 91/7 in 20 overs.UAE Women who were to chase a target of 92 runs in 20 overs, surprisingly failed miserably.They were 42 all out at the end of 15.4 overs.UAE had been doing great in the tournament so far and is also among the tough teams who have participated in this tournament.It was really a shocking sight to see some players who were performing exceptionally good, struggle against a team who themselves have faced some set backs.This match again was the proof of the unpredictable nature of the game.


5th Place Play Off:

Hong Kong Women vs Thailand A Women:13:30 (local time) at Asian Institute of Technology Ground,Bangkok


It was an excellent win by the Hong Kong Women.They defended  about half their score and gave a really good competition to the opponent.This was a really good come back from the Hong Kong Women.

The match view:

Hong Kong Women won the toss and elected to bat first.They put up a score of 109/5 in 20 overs.Thailand A Women who were to chase a target of 110 could just achieve about half of it only and their score stood at 58/7 in 20 overs.Hong Kong Women in this match displayed not just great batting but also great bowling as compared to their previous matches.They did exceptionally well in restricting the opposite team to not score.


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