Match Summary – Day 3 of Thailand Women’s T20 Smash 2019

The first two days of Thailand Women Smash T20 2019 saw both –  some exceptional performances and some disappointing ones. It was the third day of this tournament which brought to the viewers again few pleasant matches, but also some with unsure endings.

Match Summary - Day 3 of Thailand Women's T20 Smash 2019
The four matches played today were:
1. Thailand Women vs Hong Kong Women
2. Indonesia Women vs Bhutan Women
3. Thailand A Women vs Malaysia Women
4. Nepal Women vs UAE Women
1. Thailand Women vs Hong kong Women – 9:30 (local time) at Terdthai Cricket Ground ,Bangkok

Hong Kong Women won the toss and elected to field first.Thailand Women who were to bat first put up a score of 107/4 in 20 overs for the Hong Kong women to chase.The top performer in batting for the Thailand Women was N Chaiwai who scored 45 runs in 52 balls.It was till  80 runs on board when a single wicket of Thailand Women wasn’t down, but after that ,there was a series of wickets falling till the end( total of 107 in 20 overs).On the other side Hong Kong Women weren’t able to manage with the Thailand bowling attack and the whole team struggled till 16.1 overs after which they were all out on a small score of 42(run rate – 2.59).The exceptional highlight is the more than extraordinary performance by N Boochatham (Thailand Women) with the ball;4 overs,4 runs,4 wickets,1 maiden over. It turned out to be a really good match for the Thailand Women seeking complete control of the match.
2. Indonesia Women vs Bhutan Women – 9:30 (local time) at Asian Institute of Technology Ground,Bangkok

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Indonesia Women won the toss and elected to bat first. Indonesia Women started off really well.There was a bit of instability in the middle due to loss of few wickets which didn’t add much of to the team total.Their innings ended with a score of 104/4 in 20 overs. A  fair contribution from Y Anggraeni (43 runs from 51 balls) and K Winda Prastini (38 runs from 51 balls) saved the team from not setting up a low total.Bhutan Women who were to chase 105 runs in 20 runs weren’t able to chase the target and ended up with a score of 54 all out in 16.3 overs ;run rate – 3.27.No partnership could make a base for the team to have a more achievable chase.Sudden blow of wickets ,struggle against facing the opponent team’s bowling and not maintaining the run rate strategically lead them to collapse at an earlier stage in the match.
3.Thailand A Women vs Malaysia Women – 13:30 (local time) at Terdthai Cricket Ground,Bangkok

Malaysia Women won the toss and elected to bat first.They put up a score of 97/2 in 20 overs.They faced an early blow , having their first wicket down in the beginning itself. The second wicket got down at a relatively later stage. Overall there was certainly stability in the team to recover from the early losses and maintaining further partnerships to build up the innings.Although the team didn’t experience further fall in wickets after the 2nd one, their innings proceeded at a slower pace which other wise would have ended with a comparatively bigger total easily. Thailand A Women after having a very hard time facing the Malaysian bowlers could simply sustain till the 20 overs. They ended their innings with a total of 63 runs at a loss of 9 wickets and hence fell short by 34 runs for the winning score. They would have made it surely as the match had a chance of being a close one. The statistics  (fall of wickets) of Thailand’s team batting performance are- 1-30,2-30,3-30,4-31,5-34,6-35,7-46,8-48,9-48.
4.Nepal Women vs UAE Women – 13:30 (local time) at Asian Institute Of Technology Ground,Bangkok

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UAE Women won the toss and elected to bat first. They did good on the batting side and put up a score of 105/6 in 20 overs at a run rate of 5.25.On the whole, the team did fairly well to build up the innings with considerable contribution from the players , although some consecutive blows shook the momentum at frequent intervals.Nepal Women on the other hand achieved the target given to them by the UAE women in 19 overs at a run rate of 5.57 and with 4 wickets lost. Some stable partnerships led them to a strategic victory.This was a very close match where the conclusion couldn’t have been easily ascertained.Some good cricket was displayed indeed!  
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