“If you are being highly critical” – Alyssa Healy’s hilarious response to Mitchell Starc

In the world of cricket, the camaraderie and banter among players are often just as entertaining as the matches themselves. Recently, a viral video captured a light-hearted moment between Australian cricketers Mitchell Starc and his wife, Alyssa Healy, during the innings break of the second women’s ODI match against South Africa. In this amusing exchange, Healy hilariously roasted her husband, showcasing the couple’s unique dynamic both on and off the field.

"If you are being highly critical" - Alyssa Healy's hilarious response to Mitchell Starc. PC: Getty
“If you are being highly critical” – Alyssa Healy’s hilarious response to Mitchell Starc. PC: Getty

As the most successful couple in the history of international cricket, Mitchell Starc and Alyssa Healy have individually made significant contributions to their respective teams. Starc, known for his lethal pace and swing bowling, has become a formidable force in Australia’s fast-bowling arsenal. Meanwhile, Healy has earned acclaim for her batting brilliance and wicketkeeping skills, serving as the captain of the Australian women’s team.

In the viral video, Starc can be seen suggesting to his wife regarding the line and length of her teammate, Kim Garth. In his typical cricketing analysis, Starc proposes that Garth could potentially induce an edge by pitching the ball fuller. However, Healy’s response catches him off guard, as she cleverly redirects the conversation with a touch of humor.

With a quick wit, Healy retorts, “If you are being highly critical, yes, she can. But that’s her natural line and length. She has to keep one end tight, and that’s what her role is in the team.” In this playful exchange, Healy not only defends her teammate’s bowling strategy but also subtly reminds Starc of the nuances of cricketing roles and responsibilities.

Here’s what cricket fans on Twitter reacted :


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What makes this interaction particularly delightful is the glimpse it offers into the relationship between Starc and Healy. Despite their individual achievements on the cricket field, the couple shares a mutual respect for each other’s game. Their ability to engage in friendly banter reflects a deep understanding of the sport and a shared passion for cricket.

In conclusion, the viral video of Alyssa Healy’s humorous roast of husband Mitchell Starc offers a delightful glimpse into the dynamic between one of cricket’s most successful couples. Through their playful banter, Starc and Healy showcase not only their love for the game but also their mutual respect and camaraderie. As fans, we can only hope for more entertaining moments like these both on and off the cricket field.

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